App developers have created amazing apps that every student ought to have. These apps are easily accessible and uncomplicated. Not only do they have countless benefits, but they also make learning enjoyable. 

Most schools are incorporating new learning methods and techniques. Students and teachers are therefore required to be acquainted with these applications. These apps have a friendly user interface and are perfectly designed for the education industry.

Below are the best essential mac apps for schools.

Split Screen Ultimate

screen app

Split Screen Ultimate is an app that manages and allows you to view two or more different windows simultaneously. This app allows three parts splitting in more than ten ways. 

It has unique features that enable you to restore the size of your windows automatically quickly. This saves on time and boosts productivity. 

This app is essential in schools, especially during presentations where you need to open many documents at once. Most teachers find this app attractive as it increases their ability to multi-task.

Split Screen Ultimate allows not only horizontal split but also vertical split. Vertical split is vital when comparing two documents or images. The customized keyboard shortcuts and dual monitors support make it easy to use this app.

Students in schools that teach in French and German can also use this app as it offers multi-lingual support.

Scanner Pro

scanner pro

Scanner Pro is an app used for scanning. It is a great app as it scans a wide variety of documents, for example, books, travel expenses, invoices, receipts, and any other multi-page documents. It is the best scanning app for schools as it has a friendly user interface.

This app takes seconds to convert paper notes to a high-quality digital context. It naturally detects borders, corrects deformations and perspective, thus making your scans appealing. Scans are automatically saved and turned into PDFs. You can later rename the documents depending on your preference.

It has unique features such as; OCR text and advanced color processing algorithms. OCR text enables you to extract text from a picture or convert a scan to a text.

The text detection accuracy is quite high, and this makes the app reliable. 

The text is made available in written form. This makes it possible to copy and share the text. It also saves you time as you do not have to type or write the content. Advanced color processing algorithms remove shadows from the scans, making them legible.

Scanner Pro has several unique features that promote productivity and efficiency in school. It is integrated with third-party apps and tools which enable students to share scanned schoolwork. 

Students can create passwords for the scans to enhance security. It also allows you to sign documents and upload scans to the cloud for storage.



This is a book manager app. Students tend to accumulate bookmarks and tabs due to a lot of schoolwork. Raindrop.io aids in the organization of books, articles, videos, songs, pages, and links. It also facilitates the importation of links.

This app makes the organization of bookmarks interesting. This is achieved through the use of tags, sub-sectioning, filters, thematic collections, and color codes. Therefore, students can be able to group bookmarks based on different things, for example, technology, business, or history.

The guided search in the app enables you to find saved bookmarks and links very fast. You can also identify and delete duplicated links, if any. The sidebar extension enables you to collect bookmarks without having to leave the current browsing tab.

Students can conduct group discussions efficiently as they can share and send links to each other. Raindrop.io is multiplatform that is well designed and suitable for all levels of education.

PDF Expert

pdf expert

This is a PDF writing and editing app. It has special fun features such as edit text, fill out, merge, edit images, sign, reduce, crop, and add links. These features allow you to annotate text, read, edit and resize pictures, sign documents and fill out forms. 

Annotating text or documents helps students to remember, especially where the document is too large.

The app makes schoolwork manageable. It allows editing, deleting, and changing texts if someone sends you a book or a PDF. It automatically detects the font and size of the original text, thus making it easy to edit.

PDF Expert plays a massive role in schools as it facilitates group discussions. You can share and collaborate with group members by adding notes and comments to documents.

This is a secure way of discussion as you can include passwords in the notes. Transference of documents between your devices in case of a presentation is also possible. 

Advanced reading experience makes it easy to comprehend documents. This app enables students to compress and create multiple files all at once. For example, multiple lectures can be fused into one by swapping and deleting some pages to have one PDF. This app improves school productivity and efficiency.



Miro is a mind map primarily used by visual learners. The app makes it possible for Learners from different time zones and different places to engage and collaborate. Miro enables you to use an online whiteboard. Learners can also be able to embed videos and comment messages.

The app has templates used for designing projects if you do not want to start from scratch. The infinite canvas enables you to plan projects and engage with other learners. Everyone is kept in the loop and can contribute to the project.

Miro is integrated with third-party apps and tools, such as; Google suite, Slack, and Box. It also has a variety of beautiful features, such as different frameworks and widgets.

It is primarily used in schools that teach product development, product design, and coding.


These applications are essential not only to students but also to teachers. Teachers can use these apps for various reasons. They include; conducting online discussions with students, educating students, parent-teacher communication, among others.

These apps have positively impacted schools, school productivity and efficiency have tremendously increased. They have made both learning and teaching efficient.