Graphic Designers On Instagram Should Use Creative Layout Ideas


Its 2020, and social media has taken centre stage! Today, people and brands are becoming highly creative. For graphic designers, Instagram is the best social media channel to create a profile and enhance their presence. Are you a graphic designer and have an Instagram profile? If yes, then experimenting with different layout ideas is a good option. 

The Layouts Patterns To Opt-In

Instagram provides a block structure for business and personal profiles. It enables graphic designers and other users to get creative and uniquely customize their profiles. The layout ideas make content consistent and appealing. It also gives the graphic designers a signature style, identifiable by his/her followers. Furthermore, it helps to increase Instagram likes and followers. To gain more followers, you can check out

Some of the best layout ideas that help graphic designers to distinguish their profiles from the rest are:

  • The Horizontal Tiles

Here you need to match the visual content by rows. It is a popular Instagram layout that shows its impact immediately after it gets applied to the news feed. The main principle of this pattern is to match the visual content in three blocks by three. The pattern is simple to follow. And since this content is getting published three posts every time, the challenging part would be to arrange the posts. Here you have two choices:

  • Match the three horizontal posts by colors, theme, and style that separate from the bottom and top rows.
  • Match the three posts similar to a puzzle and then set-up a complete horizontal image. 
  • The 3×3 Pattern

Here one image gets split into various blocks. It is one of the popular Instagram layout patterns, that leads to a vast scale picture present on the nine visual blocks. Are you thinking, how will it be of use to you? Every post looks very similar to the bigger image, making the user keen to check out the complete image. And for this, one has to click on the profile. Hence, this layout would add up to the profile views as well. There are a few situations where the 3×3 design is 5×3, 2×3, and 4×3 as well. The principle stays the same, but the user doesn’t get restricted to sharing square images only. It allows you to post vertical and horizontal photos as well.

  • The Vertical Tiles

The layout designs help to generate individual columns with the visual content. And unlike the horizontal pattern, this will demand sometime till this shows off. Hence, it certainly needs patience and perseverance. You have to follow one principle, i.e., match the content by the column. It means almost every first, second, and third, or perhaps every post should match with the first, second, third posts of the earlier rows.

  • The Puzzle Layout

This layout gets arranged together, and it sets up a vibrant image. Considering the name, every picture post gets connected with the other surrounding posts visually. Also, together each creates a larger image that is an image collage. And every post comprises of a description, a focused visual accent, and the hashtags. And to generate the puzzle, each post-composition should get beyond the edges.

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  • The Diagonal Pattern

This pattern has a similarity with the checkerboard patterns. However, unlike that, this pattern doesn’t appear like a checkerboard. Here you are alternating the post types in a way that simply blocks the visual content match by style or theme diagonally. The post usually has two or three variants. The style and theme can be anything. And it’s common to alternate the quoted post with one or two picture posts. Else, you can alternate three pictures in various styles, overlays, and themes. Irrespective of what you choose, you have to stick to this design template to have the desired effect. 

  • The Checkerboard Patterns

Here you can alternate two different post types with bright contrast. It’s a design layout that is hassle-free to attain. And it will surprise your audience patiently with diverse content. The principle of this pattern is to change between two post types that are visually consistent and contrasting. The outcomes look like a checkerboard with darker and lighter squares. Do you wish to use this layout pattern? If so, you can alternate the quotes on a vibrant and solid background color with pictures of various overlays.

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All these Instagram layouts create a specific visual appeal. It depends on how you want to present your newsfeed story and connect with your audience. Additionally, you need to check whether your target customer would be comfortable to view your posts in that pattern. Nothing should pose a strain on their eyes or add to their complexity level. As, then a user and follower will bounce back from your profile and move over to another profile, which can be your competitor’s Instagram profile. Once you identify these aspects, using the layout patterns becomes easy for them.

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