How the Age of Converging Technologies is Becoming More Prominent?


We live in a technologically advanced world. If you’re not convinced, then taking a closer look at your surroundings will make this fact more prominent. We turn to the internet for the smallest of our needs, be it purchasing groceries or looking for a nearby place. This is taken to the next level with the penetration of voice assistants in our lives. Ask Alexa anything, and it’ll respond like a human. And this is just one example of how technologies has become an integral part of our lives.

Technologies in the World

Similarly, we have smart-watches and wearable devices that monitor quite many aspects of our health. Right from our blood pressure to sleep patterns and stress levels, we don’t need to rush to a doctor to get these checked. One of the most significant dependencies that we have in today’s world is on our smartphones. We’ve advanced a lot from mere calling and texting. Used our smartphones for a variety of purposes, without which daily life would practically come to a halt.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that technology lies in the quintessence of human life in the modern world. But we are not just limiting it to technology. It is the convergence of other industries that is making this technology extraordinary. Take healthcare as an example. Medical experts, physicians, and doctors need technology to carry out their day to day tasks. Be it performing a surgery, examining a radio-logical image or devising a course of treatment for a patient. Cutting edge technology, like machine learning services, are making it possible for the healthcare industry to reach better healthcare solutions and look at patients from a care perspective rather than from a quantitative treatment.

In another instance, technology is penetrating the industry of civil engineering. Architectures are being completely designed using advanced technology platforms that can suggest sustainable solutions and Eco-friendly building designs. This means that a building can be made in such a way that it consumes the least amount of power and resources. It makes them a sustainable solution in the modern world. In other words, the carbon footprint of the building will be much less.

Cognitive and Computer Science Field

Coming to the field of cognitive and computer science, modern-day concepts like machine learning and artificial intelligence are trying to replicate the behavior of neurons. This is so that a machine or algorithm as efficient as a human brain can be design. This can serve the purpose of not just automating tasks that humans have done until now but also performing complex decision making, something that is innate in human beings.

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In the past, we have seen several technological revolutions taking place with innovations coming every few months. Thanks to the researchers all over the world, bringing technologies and industries closer couldn’t have been possible otherwise. The convergence of technologies has been possible due to mediums, such as the cloud and internet. They brought the world closer than it seems. Research institutions across the globe are now able to work together on a single project. By giving their inputs helps to build a more efficient and intelligent project.

The Shift to Adaptable Intelligence

The fact that artificial intelligence and machine learning are proving to be such useful technologies is pushing even more industries to adopt it for good. This year will find the adoption of these technologies to further unexplored areas.

But, this year will witness the adoption of adaptable intelligence rather than machine learning or artificial intelligence in simpleton terms. In other words, organizations will be looking for implementations that will combine more than one walk of life on a single platform. For example, one area that researchers are trying to explore is visual cognition and natural language processing.

The main goal of converging technologies lies in bringing technologies. It brings technology like artificial intelligence out of the box and integrating it with other parts of the world. While AI and machine learning models are already quite good at making predictions and helping businesses make decisions, there will be an expansion of this horizon this year. Technologies will try to become even more self-sufficient, more than what they are now. Even though they do not require human intervention.

People will Put Their Trusts in AI Technologies

Another major trend that will be seen this year is that people will begin to put their trusts in these technologies for good. This fact is also evident from the way people are starting to adopt these technologies for good. One of the essential reasons limiting the proliferation of cutting edge technologies is the distrust that people have in them right now. Many think that AI will replace them and take away all their jobs. But, what they fail to see is that these technologies are finding more and more integrations around the world. That is because they aid people in accomplishing their tasks with more perfection and efficiency.

Another reason why people distrust artificial intelligence solutions is that they do not understand the process that goes into arriving at a particular decision. If only we can understand or interpret the steps taken by an algorithm to reach a decision, it will encourage more trust from the people in different walks of life. This year we will see researchers working in this direction.

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As technologies begin to advance, more and more distant fields will come to exist on a single platform. It finds their answers using cutting edge solutions. Not only will this be a great achievement for humanity but also for the industries. The industries have a lot of potentials but are suffering from the lack of technological integration.