The Importance of Video Marketing in eCommerce


You must have heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, that is passé; a video is worth much more.

In the rapidly evolving eCommerce industry, videos are now playing a significant role in making sales for brands, be it for advertisement or precise product description.

If you wish to stand out in the market, you need to be a couple of steps ahead of your competitors.

Leave behind the mainstream marketing strategies and leverage the power of Youtube marketing to make your brand popular among the masses.

Why Should You Consider Video Marketing?

Statistics on video marketing speak for themselves. Reports show that 1 minute of a video is equal to 1.8 million words to an audience.

Did you know that second to Google, YouTube is the most visited website on the internet? With the arrival of 5G and more advanced broadband connections available, people are used to seeing more and more videos every day.

From unique product videos to streaming offers by brands, moving pictures are now offering brands a lot of opportunities to expand.

What Can Video Marketing Do For You?

With video marketing, you can tell a story about your products and engage with your potential customers in a very unique way.

Videos can bring your products to life. Rather than introducing a new product via an image with a short description, you can use videos to demonstrate all of its benefits and features.

Your customers can see what it would be like to actually use the product, find out what they love and what sets your brand apart from others.

With so much content being posted on the internet daily, people are becoming more inclined to watch videos rather than read text.

This also builds a sense of trust in your viewer as the video will compensate for the inability to touch and feel the products.

Detailed and properly linked videos rank higher on Google results as well. By allowing your audience to be able to share your videos, you can make your videos go viral on social media, inviting people from all around the world to see what you have to stay for your brand.

The 3 Golden Rules of Video Marketing

  • Keep It Short

Conveying a message in 30-90 seconds is tough, no doubt. But, the best videos are concise and to the point. With decreased attention spans and social media just spitting out video after video, it is vital for you to keep your videos below the threshold.

  • Tell Your Story

Without proper context, your audience won’t be able to relate to or make sense of your video. Just showcasing your product with a 360-degree spin would make your video seem like just another one in the heap.

You need a video that will virtually scream out your brand, talk about what you do and why you do it, putting your product in context, all the while being sophisticated.

  • Add A Human Touch

Spending millions of dollars on billboards, television ad campaigns might not have the ability to make your audience relate to your brand or product.

A simple, low-budget video with a relatable human touch can showcase all of your emotions and bring in quite a few customers.

Video Marketing and eCommerce

After social media platforms, product marketers and eCommerce platforms have been the latest to jump on the video marketing bandwagon.

With the competition growing by leaps and bounds every single day, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

To stand out in the market and create an identity for themselves, eCommerce platforms are increasingly adding YouTube marketing to their marketing mix.

Along with aesthetic pictures and optimised content, their ecommerce solutions extends to videos as well.

There are different ways that brands use videos to showcase their products. Brands like Flipkart and Amazon use creative storytelling to make films that over time, create a unique identity for the company.

Another interesting way to build a brand through video marketing is by integrating your product into an existing storyline.

Often content houses like TVF and FilterCopy partner with brands and integrate their products into their plotlines.

When you optimise your videos on YouTube, the largest online video platform today, you will see an increase in likes, shares and subscribers.

You will also create more impressions and get more reach, which means increased visibility for your brand. Youtube marketing is a great way to help your brand succeed in a video-focused digital world.