Budgeting For Your MBBS in Russia


With the multiple options available for you to choose in regards to your MBBS abroad, there goes a myth for studying abroad as a privilege afforded by only a few. Nowadays, with the increased globalisation and its effects, studying MBBS abroad has been made easy upto many folds. This has been possible only with the countries like Russia opening their gates for the students seeking the quality admission that too at an affordable cost.

If you are also among those who want to study MBBS in Russia and are concerned whether it would be heavy for your pockets or empty up all your lockers and savings, then you are absolutely wrong. MBBS in Russia is a great opportunity for all the students who are determined enough to keep fighting for their dreams. 

How Does MBBS Study in Russia Fits Your Budget?

For your MBBS in Russia, you do not have to spend Rs. 90 Lakhs to Rs. 2 Cr like in the private medical universities of India. For your complete medical study in Russia, it would only cost you about 25 Lakhs that too in the top government medical universities of Russia. This is probably the lowest when compared to all the countries providing medical study abroad. 

Budgeting For Your MBBS in Russia
Budgeting For Your MBBS in Russia

Despite providing medical education at the lowest cost, the Russian medical universities are known to be providing the best quality of medical education. This can be supported with the fact that out of the top 100 medical universities, 30 positions are reserved by the Russian medical education of Russia.

Russia also has been known for providing the second best higher education in the world. So MBBS in Russia is one of the popular fields for studying in Russia.

For a student in India, who has wished to be a doctor and worked hard to qualify NEET UG exam but unfortunately is unable to get admission in the government medical universities. They can either join the private medical colleges of India or choose to study MBBS Abroad. But, with MBBS abroad, there also comes a concern of heavy expenditure for the fees as well as for living in the foreign land. 

The average cost of studying MBBS abroad is generally about Rs. 50 Lacs to Rs. 75 Lacs. However, MBBS study in Russia is highly subsidised by the federal government of the country making it extremely affordable. Thus, luring a large population from all over the world to its universities. There are no additional costs like capitation fee, etc charged by the Russian universities at any stage of the learning. 

An average tuition fee for a year, if you choose to study in a top government medical university of Russia, will cost you approximately $3000 to $5000 only. The average cost of living in the country ranges around $120 – $150. Travelling to and from Russia to India is not that expensive as well. If you book your air tickets in advance, it would cost you Rs. 30,000- Rs.40,000 for a two-way trip.

How To Plan The Budget For Your MBBS in Russia?

For Admission:

Once you have rounded upon the university for your MBBS in Russia, the first step is to complete the documentation. If you prefer educational loans, you might require a set of certain documents. Get in contact with your relationship manager in the Bank and the representative of your university and get a checklist of the requirements and steps you have to follow for the loan. They have ample experience in assisting many like you to get the plan that best suits your interests.

For Travel:

Travelling to Russia, contrary to popular belief, is extremely simple. The good relations between India and Russia facilitates easy travel arrangements as well as a comfortable stay with the natives. As already mentioned, it takes about Rs. 40,000 for your two-way travel provided you have booked the air tickets in advance. The last-minute rush might require you to pay the airfare of about Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1.5 Lacs. 

Travel within the country is also very feasible with quick services of public transport. You can always catch a bus or taxi every 15 min and a train every 30 minutes. As a student, you can travel at a further discounted price up to 5 times.

For Stay:

Almost all the basic amenities are already provided on the behalf of the university itself. From canteens, SIM, WIFI, sports and gymnasium arrangements etc, everything is provided within the hostels. However, the student might be required to pay when travelling within the country and other leisure and personal choices. Considering everything, it can cost about $ 120- $150 per month for a student.

Added Advantages With Rus Education

  1. We provide several scholarships like ‘Badhte Kadam’, ‘Udaan’,’ Maitrey’ scholarships etc. for the well-deserving students which can further lower the tuition fees for the students qualifying them.
  2. Our Rus Tourism Department provides you with the best travel arrangements and plan itineraries for you so that even the parents can enjoy their stay in the country without any worry.
  3. Rus Education arranges special hostels and Indian canteens for the Indian students keeping in view of their comfort and preferences so they do not have to pay extra for their favoured tastes.
  4. During the breaks and your period of study, we also provide coaching for the screening tests for several exams like FMGE, USMLE, PLAB etc. without any costs. So you do not have to pay extra for additional coaching for these exams.
  5. Our expert counsellors provide you assistance in getting loans, Visa etc. absolutely free of cost. We also help you in getting the additional discounted price for your air travels.