Top 10 Free Apps For iOS And Android


Given the sheer number of apps available on both of the major mobile platforms, it’s no surprise that a vast majority of them are free. Current estimates suggest that between 93 and 96 percent of all apps on both iOS and Android are available at no cost, and although many of them do have in-app purchases that allow you to spend money, you can pretty much get whatever you want without a price point.

That’s a lot of choice, though, so here are the top 10 free apps you can currently download on both iOS and Android devices.

Google Maps (Android, iOS)

If you’re running an Android device, you’ve probably already got Google Maps preinstalled on your device. As an iOS user, however, you almost certainly won’t already have this app, and it’s definitely worth getting it as soon as you can, because it blows the default Apple option out of the water. Google Maps’ precision, wealth of information, and clean user interface make it the only maps app that you need on your phone, no matter which OS you’re on.

Mint (Android, iOS)

Mint is the perfect way to look after your finances. It’ll arrange your income and expenditure for you, help you to understand where you can make savings, and even cut back on loan repayments. Let’s say you’ve recently taken out an unsecured personal loan. Mint will show you how to efficiently make repayments, reorganize your finances so you can see where cuts can be made, and show you what’s left of the loan. This app is essential for financial health.

Snapseed (Android, iOS)

Are the default Android or iOS photo editing suites not doing what you need them to? You need to download Snapseed. This is a fully-featured editing suite that absolutely runs rings around the standard editing software included with both mobile operating systems. It’s got plenty of filters to choose from, a whole host of different editing tools, and even support for common advanced features like healing brushes. If you edit photos on your mobile device, you need Snapseed.

LastPass (Android, iOS)

The world is becoming more and more security-conscious thanks to countless data breaches at massive companies. It’s more important than ever to make sure your passwords are secure, which is where LastPass comes in. This app will automatically generate strong passwords when you sign up to sites, and it’ll store all of your passwords for ease of use as well. You can set a master password, view all of your passwords by category, and more. Well worth a download.

Whisk (Android, iOS)

Do you often find yourself struggling with what to eat in the evening? Whisk is here to help you. It’s one of the best free mobile apps around, combining a recipe book, a cooking community, and a calculator all into one handy package. Using Whisk, you can plan meals in advance, look up healthy recipes ahead of time, and take part in discussions surrounding new recipes and ingredient ideas. It’s an essential app if you’re looking to become a better cook!

Strava (Android, iOS)

Strava is the best fitness app available on either mobile platform, full stop. While apps like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit offer in-depth tracking, Strava turns your exercise into a competitive game, rewarding you for breaking previous records and pushing yourself that little bit harder. It also integrates with most major fitness apps on the market, so even if you’re already using a different app, Strava almost certainly supports integration with that app.

WhatsApp (Android, iOS)

Despite some issues surrounding data privacy, WhatsApp still stands out as the best messaging app on Android and iOS. It’s convenient, fully-featured, and lightning-fast, and the chances are that all of your friends are already using it if you’re not. WhatsApp boasts features like automatic Google Drive backup, changeable backdrops for chats, and custom groups that make it easy to talk to different people whenever you need to. Not only is it the best messaging app, it’s also one of the best free apps around.

Evernote (Android, iOS)

Of course, both Android and iOS have their own built-in note-taking apps, but Evernote is a clear winner even when pitted against those apps. It allows you to take notes in a variety of different forms including text, images, and lists, and lets you sync those notes across devices. What’s more, Evernote even comes complete with a feature that lets you search for text within images, meaning you can take photographs of handwritten notes and Evernote can recognise what you’ve written. Astounding.

Letterboxd (Android, iOS)

If you’re a film buff, you need to download and sign up to Letterboxed yesterday. This app allows you to log all the movies you’ve watched, review them, and see other like-minded folks who’ve given them the same ratings you have (or, indeed, those who disagree with you). Through the feed, you can see what your friends have been watching, create film collections, and search for different films or classifications. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s interested in cinema.

Pocket Casts (Android, iOS)

Pocket Casts is, to put it simply, the best way to listen to podcasts. Whether you download this app via Android or iOS, you’ll be getting a clean, easy-to-use app that organizes your podcasts, shows you when new episodes are uploaded, and helps you to find new podcasts you’ll love. There may be more fully-featured apps out there, but Pocket Casts boasts the best mixture of clean design and functionality that we’ve encountered in a podcast app.