Browser cookies & More Research about it In Detail


In the time of web exploring, the time reached a point about browser cookies. Some browsers notice the usage of cookies in the policy of privacy or the term of service statement. Yet there was a note that browser cookies are obligated to log into a specific service like a bank account or email.

A message that is sent between a website and a web browser is called a browser cookie. Generally, this message is reserved on the PC by the search engine in the form of a small text file. These small text files are being set to appraise the “cookie”.  Stored information on these files is being used for the next time the user visits the search engine and wants to use the same browsing information. There are two main kinds of cookies.

  • First-party cookie:

These kinds of cookies are located by the website you are visiting.

  • Third-party cookie:

Such kinds of cookies are set by the external sources of the website generally in the form of an advertising banner, video clips, and pictures that are embedded into the page. So, whenever users click from a different website, a third-party cookie is there to set from the banners, not from the website you are continuously visiting.

Browser cookies were mapped out so that a website can recollect a piece of information that the browser searched for previously. Cookies can recall unique activities that users have made on different websites. For example, how many times a specific page was visited by the user or how many times the user searched for specific information or pressed a particular button. Nowadays, in the functionality and behavior of the internet, cookies play a vital role. For tracking the browser history of user tracking cookies are commonly used for collecting the statistics and advertising behavior. Privacy is the biggest concern all users may have while using web browsers.

Browser cookies can be stored and can extend the period of browsing history. These cookies assist to track the website behavior of users for months, years without even realizing it. All preserved information can be used to make the browsing profile of an individual and then be used for advertising.

In the span of the latest web browsers, users are capable of controlling the usage of cookies. There are unique cookies options available in Google Chrome. All the cookies can be blocked from the set but only some specific websites can block the set or the user has to set the automatically deleted option when the search engine is closed. So, users might have to check out the setting of the cookies of the web browser before depending on the online privacy. If you never before change the setting of cookies you may be astonished by knowing the number of third-party cookies you have assembled over time.

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