Best IOS App Development Companies


In this article, we will talk about the best iOS app development company, as well as consider issues related to the stages of application development and requirements.

Top 5 IOS app development companies

The rating was formed on the basis of a survey of companies specializing in mobile development, digital production and agencies with production and / or client offices, with the highest weight being given to the votes of mobile developers. The final position of the company in the rating was influenced by the completed business indicators, as well as the assessment of the portfolio, client list and other important indicators.

  • UnitSpace
  • The App Solution
  • Alterplay LTD
  • IDAP

Main stages and important requirements for the programming

The entire process of creating a mobile application for iOS devices is divided into two stages. At first, the architecture of the program is carried out, and at the second, the necessary design is developed. All this takes a lot of time and effort and requires a professional approach.

Stages of work

During the creation of the architecture of the iOS application, you will need to prepare the database, execute a request to obtain information from a remote server. In turn, creating a design requires full immersion in the potential needs of the future user. It is necessary to try to think over all the nuances that will satisfy the client’s requests.

The category of citizens using Apple products is very demanding on the quality of downloaded applications. This is due to their high solvency in most cases. That is why it is important for a developer to create not only a functional application, but also a clear, accessible and attractive interface.

Design and technical parameters

Currently, the number of versions of iOS operating systems is inferior to devices with Android OS. Despite this fact, there are some difficulties and nuances of developing applications for devices running iOS.

Initially, you need to decide on the screen size of the device. This factor determines many parameters of the future design of the application. In the following, all technical parameters of a specific iOS device are considered. Taking into account all the technical parameters of the device contributes to a significant increase in the loyalty of the developed application, which is accompanied by an increase in its rating.


Important application requirements

To publish a new application to the AppStore, you will need to meet many criteria. This is due to the strict policy of the store regarding the quality of the supplied applications. The developer is obliged to fulfill all requirements. Among them stand out:

  • strict adherence to the requirements of the style guide for the design of the application;
  • ensuring the stable functioning of the developed application;
  • complete protection of user data;
  • solution of all the needs of the client by the created application.

Before you start developing a mobile app for iOS devices, you should carefully study the target audience. It is necessary to weigh the relevance of the future program for users.