Boxes with handles are the most suitable packaging solution and that is why every brand is making use of them. They can easily pack gifts, food, tapers, baby basics, and other such products inside knowing they will be safe and secure inside.

They are different from other types of boxes as they boast of a handle that is located on the top of the box so the customer can carry it easily while transporting and delivering. It is also easy to customize these boxes according to your requirements and a lot of printing techniques can be used on them. Here is why boxes with handles are popular everywhere.

Best shape and size:

Handle boxes are popular as they come in different sizes and shapes. Customization will make it easy for the brand to create these boxes according to the demands of their targeted customers. Many businesses prefer these boxes as they will enhance the appeal of their products and showcase their brand more professionally. It will become easy to pack attractive and fragile pieces of jewelry and the handles on the top will make it easy for customers to carry them safely.

The best thing is that the box with handles will keep you cool while you are shopping as their durability is very high. You will not have to worry about carrying your belongings knowing they are safe and secure. Many prominent jewelry brands are using these boxes for shipping jewelry as it has got some of the best quality for shipping. They are durable and affordable that will keep the shipping costs low.

Business perspectives:

The packaging industry has evolved over the years and the printing techniques that are normally applied on the boxes with handles will make them alluring and visually appealing. One of the most popular printing techniques used for these boxes is CMYK/PMS.

It is easy to pack candies, cookies, chocolates, and frozen products inside as they will remain secure and safe against contamination. Famous bakeries and food chains are using the handle box for promotional purposes.

When the logo is printed on the box it makes them recognized. They are manufactured with eco-friendly materials like cardboard and bright colors that enhance the visual appeal. The sales will instantly increase when the packaging designs are attractive.

Various Customization options:

There are infinite ways to modify box with handles and they are suitable for packing glass bottles and jars.  As these boxes can be customized according to themes and events it is easy to use them.

Interesting facts:

If you are shifting to a new home and want something durable for shipping and carrying your precious belongings nothing can be better than handle boxes. The cardboard material makes these boxes durable and makes it easy for you to carry them while shifting to a new home. As these boxes are economical they will not hamper your budget while saving your time and effort too.

The long-lasting ability to store and protect the products has made these boxes highly appealing in every industry. A briefcase box with a handle is suitable for packing your belongings when you are traveling.

Types and benefits of handle boxes:

There are many different types of handle boxes that are used in the industry. The handle box with a window will not only look gorgeous but will allow the customer to have a look at the quality of the product from the outside. Tray with handle is mostly used in restaurants and fast foods can be presented to the customers.

These trays are a good choice for miniature pumpkins while the portfolio box with a handle is suitable for packing industrial and hair products too. The screen-printed retail box with a handle can store a variety of retail items with ease.

Mailing boxes with handles are good for the delivery of glass or wine bottles and the packaging looks highly professional too. Custom cardboard handles are another type that will make food deliveries and coffee delivery easier than before.

Cardboard boxes that have a handle on the top can make it easy for the individual to store cleaning products inside. It will keep everything organized and you can find the product easily whenever you need it.

Are handle boxes good for gift packaging?

Handles boxes are a perfect packaging solution for gifts as they can keep big and small items secure from damage. The appeal of your gift will enhance when it is packed inside this box. The handle box is also perfect for storage and shipping purposes.

Is a handle box durable?

There are different types of handle boxes available and packaging companies manufacture them with high-quality materials. The handle box made of cardboard is the most durable and economical choice for many industries.

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