Reach Your Audience With Instagram


No marketing platform helps business growth as THE RIGHT ONE – website or app where marketers can directly find and communicate with their customers. If you operate in the world of economics, you probably already know the basics of business which align well with the positive effects of social media. A well-selected audience and a thorough study of your segment are the keys to a company’s triumph. 

If you target glamorous, successful, and luxury-minded users whose lives include comfort, expensive items, and travel (yes! even in a pandemic), Instagram is the RIGHT PLACE for you, where you can smoothly establish your company.

About Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform based on the photo-sharing principle. Logically, the main interest of Instagrammers is high-quality visual content. If we compare Instagram and Facebook, we will see huge differences between them regarding standards, here the criticism level is higher, so companies try their best to show the brand in the best way.

Every company that keeps pace with modern trends tries to give a voice to the public through Instagram: to send properly selected messages and show that the organization is unique, the product or service it offers has high quality.

We can see Instagram as a portfolio, where companies gather their achievements, announce their upcoming plans and make society a part of their current events. To achieve this goal, most marketers use three types of content: photo, video (relatively small), and minimal caption (possibly limited with one sentence, Though with many hashtags).

How does Instagram work?

Instagram offers a wide variety of options to engage people:

Story: You can use STORY and create a STORY GALLERY. Users who see your STORY can interact with emojis and comments. Also, You can create polls to find out customer attitudes about the brand. Stories usually disappear in 24 hours, but this social media allows you to make a Story Gallery and save your best content uploaded earlier.

Hashtag: The Instagram search engine is built on hashtags. Hashtags divide content into segments. Conditionally, if a person is interested in clothes, he will write the appropriate word: #pants, #dress, #coat. If a user is looking for a specific brand, he/she mentions the name or initials of the company – Gucci, Dior, Lowe Vuitton. Create your hashtags and use them wisely.

Tagging: The practice of tagging probably is quite familiar to you. But do you understand its importance? Have you heard the phrase: “Show me who your friends are, and I tell you who you are?” (Lenin) If being close to your customers is the priority of your brand, make sure they tag you. If you want to represent yourself as the most popular brand among Celebrities, make sure that well-known people tag you.

If you see your company as a solid player in the market, you need to tag the successful partners and offer them to show your collaboration on social media. As you can see, the tag says more than it seems at first glance.

Likes: Every person wants to have items and try services that cause admiration, sympathy, and sometimes even envy in others, so they will buy something that has many LIKES. The psychological thing is that we LOVE it when we own things that are less accessible to others or we can afford to buy the services that everyone wants. There are many ways to increase Likes, but the best thing you can do for your brand is to buy Instagram Likes.

Comments: Pay attention to opinions. Comments can be an essential feedback tool. People shape public opinion and set trends that influence others.

Direct message: Some people do not like sharing their perspective with the public; they prefer privacy, so use direct messages to share their experience regarding your brand. You can also reach people with direct messaging – customers, consumers, and influencers.

Why Does The Company Need Instagram?

For positioning: More than 500 million people use Instagram, and this number continues to increase. Over 60% of them check this app every day, which makes it the second most engaged network in the world. If a company wants to introduce itself to a higher range of potential buyers or gain a foothold in the market competition, it will inevitably have to use a second most engaged network in the world.

To observe competitors: Market research is an integral element of positioning and competition. If you want to keep track of your competitors’ achievements and failures, Instagram will make things easier for you. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others, so carefully study the activities of other companies.

To show and sell your product online: The first online store was established in the 90s of the last century, but online shopping has never been as necessary as today. The Renaissance of online selling began in the winter of 2020. Because of Covid-19, life moved into the internet, and it is not surprising that people refrained from offline shopping. Nowadays, Companies can set up a virtual showroom on Instagram, and users buy all the items there.