Some Best Short Term Courses To Learn Food Processing


Processing food is among the most important industries in India. It serves not just large numbers of people in the country, but also opens the way for a variety of job opportunities. With the rising demand for professionals with expertise in the field of food technology and science there are many food science classes and short-term courses to study the process of food preparation. The pursuit of food processing certification online is beneficial to those who are interested in pursuing a career since India is the second largest producer of food, and is poised to surpass the other countries with regard to food production production and agricultural development.

Food processing certificates or other courses online in the food processing will allow you to increase and develop your skills regarding food processing as well as technology. A variety of online institutes and course providers around the world offer a variety of certificate-based short-term courses in food technology as well as food-related courses in India covering topics like food handling and processing. You can take these online courses on food processing at your own pace, and get a lucrative job in the field.
Food processing courses can serve for an alternate to postgraduate and graduation courses. If you’re looking for a job within the processing of food sector, we’ve put together the most effective short-term courses in food processing online to provide you get the best education in the field of food processing.

Thermal Operations in Food Process Engineering: Theory and Applications

This is among the most popular short-term classes to master food processing. The course is provided through IIT Kharagpur via Swayam, this online course on food processing will teach you the fundamentals of preservation and processing techniques needed in all industries of processing. Through this certificate course in the field of food production you will be taught about conduction-based transient heat transfer drying technology, drying techniques as well as multiple-effect evaporators and much more.

Dairy and Food processing and products technology

This is another of the short-term courses to study food processing. This online certificate in food processing is provided at IIT Kharagpur via Swayam providing students with the basic knowledge in dairy preservation and processing techniques that are essential to any dairy or food processing industry. Learners who are studying Agricultural Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Technology, Thermal Engineering, Biotechnological Engineering and Biotechnology can enroll in this certification course in food production.

Novel Technologies for Food Processing and Shelf Life Extension

This is one of the federal food processing courses online provides information about the structure of food and the changes that occur in food while handling. With this course, which is a certificate in food production, you’ll learn about the most recent as well as emerging technological and engineering developments for novel and effective food product production and extension of shelf life.

Thermal Processing of Foods

In this, among the top short-term certificate programs on food processing, you’ll study food microbiology and thermal processing equipment and heat distribution and penetration. The course is provided through IIT Guwahati via Swayam, this certificate for food processing online is available to faculty members from well-known academic and technical institutions. Executives, engineers and researchers from service, manufacturing and government agencies, as well as R&D laboratories in the field of food processing using thermal technology are also able to take this course of the courses in food science.

Certified Bengali Sweets Junior Craftsman

One of the short-term classes to get a grasp of food processing is offered via the Vskills platform. With this course, which is a certification in food processing, you’ll be able demonstrate a solid understanding and practical skills and receive a visible acknowledgement for your knowledge. When you have completed this course among the food processing classes online you’ll earn an official government certificate. The other benefits of this online course in food processing are that there is no requirement for a minimum education and a heightened professional experience through becoming an Vskills Alumni, and no time commitment.

Certified Food Processing Technician – Processed Food Products

Another of the online courses on food processing from Vskills. The course in food production teaches the basics of food processing including processing food products, quality control packaging and labeling and Hygiene for food processing. Through this one of the short-term food courses you’ll be competent to show an understanding of the concepts and practices and receive a tangible acknowledgement for your understanding.

Certified Milk and Dairy Processing Technician

In this online food processing course, you’ll learn about equipment for processing dairy and methods for pasteurizing milk, as well as the production of yogurt and cheese. This is among the top short-term courses in food technology will also provide you with information on distribution and packaging of dairy goods, safety procedures including hazard identification and Personal Protective Equipment. After you have completed this online course in food processing, you’ll receive a government-issued certification that will increase your chances of being employed.

Certified Milk and Khoya Based Sweets Craftsman

This is among the top short-term programs to master food processing is focused on traditional Indian sweets and the most important ingredients. This food-related certificate production focuses on the history of Khoya as well as the derivatives of Khoya and the latest innovations in the production of sweets. Also, you will be taught ways to present and decorate your food as well as quality monitoring and control, as well as sanitation and safety on a professional level.

Food Processing Courses Offered by Top Providers

  • Swayam Food Processing Courses & Certifications
  • Vskills Food Processing Courses & Certifications

Certified Continental Cuisine Cook

This is one of the top short-term courses for learning food processing provided by Vskills. In this course, you will learn about food production you will be exposed to cooking methods for continental cuisines as well as the ingredients used that are used in continental cuisine, traditional continental cuisine menu planning, and food presentation. Additionally, you will acquire a thorough understanding and practical aspects, as well as evident recognition of the understanding.

Introduction to Food Processing and Preservation

In this course, which is among the top online courses in food processing offered by Alison You will be presented to different aspects of food processing, including the browning reaction, irradiation, and freezing. This no-cost certificate course in food production will instruct you about the structure of food and the changes during food processing. After you have completed this certificate of food processing online and you’ll be required to complete a final test.


These are the top courses in food manufacturing and short-term certificate programs in the field of food technology, offered by best online institutions and learning platforms. The price for these courses online in the field of food technology and science can vary based on the specific program and the institute that offers it. The food processing courses provide students with various aspects of the industry but can also help you get a head start on many career options.

A few of the careers that you could consider after having completed short-term certificates in food technology and other food industry-related courses within India include Food Stylists Food Inspector Food Engineer the Food Scientist and Agricultural Inspector and food and Beverage Manager, in addition to other. It is possible to take any food processing technology courses online as well as other online courses in the food processing after you have completed your 12th grade depending on your preference and interest. Therefore, you should take the top courses in food science and short-term courses to master the process of food preparation.