Benefits of Web Conferencing System in eLearning & EdTech


Web Conferencing is when a group of people comes together online to interact in a virtual meeting room. The tool that facilitates such a meeting or a live session, is a web conferencing system. For many of us, it is a web conferencing software!

To make a good web conferencing session, you need to have a top-class web conferencing system. Today, as the world is facing problems because of the COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic, maintaining social distance from others is necessary.

Due to this, the usage of online video conference platforms is increasing day by day for professional and personal purposes. Moreover, the usage of such platforms recorded millions of new users in 2020.

We all are using video conferencing systems like Skype, Zoom, etc. Some of us even do video chats on Whats app. These are the top video conferencing systems providers everywhere in the world. Also, they have millions of users daily!

However, in the business web conference online tools, a meeting convener sends invitation links, Conference ID, and password via emails to the participants. Just open the link, type in your name. Enter conference ID, then password, and click OK!

You are all set to join the meeting room with other meeting attendees. The requirement to download the tool is ZERO. If the conference system is rich in features, then you gain a good experience; otherwise, you get a bad one.

Share screens, record meetings, mute, speak text, use a whiteboard, markup tools, pointers, zooming, take polls, surveys, etc. are some common features present in almost every web conferencing system.

These features make the system fit to get used in schools, colleges, and universities. But, there lie many questions such as;

Do web conferencing systems in the education sector give benefits? Would a student learn quickly in the virtual environment using such software? Most importantly, can students make progress in their performance in these critical times?

Before we answer these questions, let’s look at the recent stat –

The Global Web Conferencing Market estimates to reach approx. $12.58 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 8.6%. This growth will come from the usage of these systems in sectors like healthcare and education. 

4 Reasons: Why Education Sector Invests In Web Conference Systems?

The character of education is changed! You go anywhere in the world, it’s now a top priority need for everyone. And in today’s tech-enabled society, educating everyone doesn’t seem impossible.

Reaching out to people and educating them was always a problem. But, with the video conferencing system, this problem doesn’t exist anymore. Online education or eLearning is a new way that tells us that we don’t need traditional classroom programs anymore to educate people worldwide!

And video conferencing must get credit as it has made classroom walls invisible; thus, allowing the students of the entire world to learn from multiple resources, anywhere, anytime.

Visual communication increased the benefits of learning, opened doors towards global education, and is creating an enjoyable experience for both teachers and students.

Below we have 4 impending reasons for which we must invest in online conferencing systems and teleconference solutions in the education sector.

  • Stipulates Global Collaboration via Virtual Class Environment
  • Endorse Distant Learning & Online Education
  • Enhanced Curriculum & EdTech Development
  • Encourages Self-Paced Learning!

Some extra advantages of using web conferencing solutions are holding interactive online parent-teacher meetings, giving online training to teachers, students, & staff, circulating administrative updates, and many more.

Thus, investing in making a top video conferencing system or an online web conference solution in the education sector is an outstanding decision for promoting EdTech (education + technology)!

Benefits of Web Conferencing System In Education Sector

Thanks to the development of technology in the education sector, you no longer need a furnished classroom to study. Just attend online classes at your home on mobile, desktop, or laptop screens by using video conferencing systems.

These systems have brought a new form of education in this brand-new tech-driven world. These systems offer many top benefits in the education sector. Below lies some of them:

  • Video conferencing makes school collaboration as it establishes a connection between them.
  • Video conferencing allows the students to learn freely without any hassle.
  • Video conferencing systems let students record live lectures for revision purposes.
  • These systems empower us to chat with experts F2F (face to face) while being at different places.
  • The class learning is quite quick with the video conferencing system.
  • The parents and teachers come very close via these systems. Both can chat every Sunday about the performance of the student individually.
  • Video conferencing systems give students a rich-level experience of a virtual school trip.
  • The cost of education decreases with eLearning concepts and video conference systems.
  • Students can access all kinds of knowledge being remotely anywhere in the world.

According to experts in the education sector, video conferencing systems and Interactive Television (ITV) learning together creates a friendly experience and unique opportunities for students by increasing access to education more freely.

Today, web conferencing systems and online video conference platforms are hugely benefiting a large section, around 35% of students throughout the world.

But still, there lies a section of students that neither have gadgets to run the web conferencing systems nor they have access to eLearning and online education. World governments must take action; otherwise, the whole structure of the education system will collapse in many developing nations, highly-populated and poor countries.

How To Use Online Video Conference Platforms in Higher Education?

In current times, due to COVID-19, the students moved on to Online Courses and online distance degree courses. Many schools started running classes online using conferencing systems.

Students are able to record lectures and can revise it anytime as per their needs that would result in performance improvement!

The faculties can use the conferencing system within the campus to take additional classes for those students who are not in the classroom.

According to the research done by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) on the video web conferencing platforms in the educational sectors presented some outstanding facts.

They are as follows:

  • These systems allow one-to-one interactivity between experts and learners
  • It increases collaborations between teachers and learners
  • It enhances the experience of distance learning and decreases the cost of education
  • Lastly, it motivates students towards self-learning

We can clearly see conferencing systems bridging the distances between a learner and teachers. Furthermore, these systems are helping both to create an exciting way of face-to-face communication.

According to experts, these systems will improve the performances of students, if their self created environment remains good. Therefore, parents have a great responsibility to keep the surroundings proper, distraction-free!

In the future, the global e Learning market by 2025 will grow over $240 Billion.

Web Conferencing Solutions Promoting e Learning!

The eLearning has been recognized by all colleges, universities, and organizations as it is a cost-effective and better way to include more students in the learning at the same time.

Students involved in video communications are confident, motivated, and dream high achievements as compared to the students who sit in traditional classrooms.

EdTech (education and technology) hand-in-hand has introduced more learning values across the students and educators that was not possible just from an ideal classroom program.

That is why the eLearning and its method of involving students in education are the mixes of event-based activities whose first step starts with the web conferencing system and ends at self-paced learning of students.

The use of video communications has the potential to increase productivity, enhance standardization, efficient learning, increase real-time access to information, increase access to many courses online, more participation, less investment, and the better class environment!

Final Words

The times in which we are leaving today need a lot of care for ourselves while maintaining social distancing. But, for learning purposes, the web conferencing system is part of that EdTech infrastructure!

And eLearning is not about technology, it’s about learning, using technology!

If you are looking for ways to extend your classrooms’ reach to achieve your goals in the education sector, then start using the conference systems and organize your webinar, virtual classrooms, and business meetings.

Let your children grow digitally!