How To Select The Best Virtual AGM Platform For Your Organization


With the change in the current dynamics caused due to COVID-19, the upheaval of events affected the various aspects of life. The pandemic has resulted in cancellation and rescheduling of various events across the world. Moving with the changing times, many organizations have adapted virtual (Virtual AGM Platform) ways to keep the business running in a time of crisis where restrictions are imposed on travelling and public gatherings.

Virtual AGM Platform

Virtual events have witnessed a major jump in the past few months and many big and small companies have moved their events online. Many companies across the globe are moving their events online in a virtual space which allows them to connect with attendees, shareholders, or business partners residing in any corner of the globe.

AGM is an annual event that is important and mandatory for any organization. The meeting between the interested shareholders of the company and the director of the company that is held annually is known as annual general meetings. The director presents the annual report and strategies of the overall performance of the company, discussing plans and goals for the upcoming year. Walking with the changing trends, many companies across the world have started opting for Virtual AGM solutions to host virtual AGM.

Out of many virtual AGM platforms available nowadays, selecting the best might be a tricky task for your organization. While deciding on picking the best virtual AGM platform to host a virtual or hybrid AGM, looking into certain key pointers is a must that plays an important role in the decision-making process. AGM VC platform that offers immersive & interactive virtual AGM services is most likely the one that helps you deliver seamless event experiences to attendees.

To understand it in a better way, let’s have a look at certain considerations while selecting the best virtual AGM platform.

Virtual AGM Platform


Price is most likely to play the biggest role in a decision-making process while selecting a virtual AGM solution to host a hybrid or virtual AGM. For many companies, the cost of the platform plays an important role while others believe they should get the value of the money even if the cost is higher in terms of quality, delivery, and event experiences. The cost of a virtual AGM platform depends upon the capacity and the features it serves. Before you proceed towards selecting the virtual AGM platform that offers brilliant virtual AGM services, first analyze the features and capacity you want for your virtual or hybrid AGM. Look for the virtual event management service providers that offer customized solutions and packages that match the requirements of your organization. Going for customized packages saves you from paying an extra penny for the features that are of no use.

Look for the Features

While selecting a virtual AGM platform look for the set of features it serves. Different organizations, different needs. Every organization has a specific set of unique needs for hosting Virtual AGMs, but certain features are a must. The platform must enable the voting feature that allows attendees to voice out their opinion and vote on certain topics. Apart from it, a platform must allow hosting Q&A sessions that facilitate the engagement of attendees. User listing, record keeping, allowing the audience to interact in real-time, AGM video conferencing, etc. are some other features to look in while selecting the virtual AGM platform.

High Accessibility

Accessibility is the major feature that helps you reach a large number of audiences residing in any corner of the world thus boosting attendance and participation. Opt for a virtual AGM solution that is accessible with a large number of platforms and devices. Go for web-based virtual AGM solutions that can be accessed through smartphones and from any browser without having to compromise on functionality. Virtual AGMs that can be accessed on mobile devices are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere and allow shareholders of all levels to participate in it.


While hosting eAGM, security becomes the utmost important. Select an AGM platform that complies robust security measures that prevent the unauthorized third party from gaining access to the meeting, thus preventing sensitive data and confidential information of an organization. Go for a platform that is backed by the third-party testing and remains safe and secure 24*7, keeping your privacy intact. Two-factor authentication, secure cloud environment for storing data, tools for detecting and preventing intrusion are some of the main security features to look for as it keeps your proceedings secure.

24*7 Support

Selecting a virtual AGM platform that is backed by 24*7 tech support helps you to host your virtual AGM seamlessly. It helps you to resolve any technical glitches that irrupt before and during the AGM virtual conferencing. It not only resolves the technical issues but results in saving a lot of time. If attendees like to troubleshoot ahead of the meeting, tech support should be available for them, selecting such a platform that offers 24/7 global support is the best bet to rely on.


Look for virtual AGM solutions that abide by the regulations in your region and country. The rules are different for every country and region. Select the technology that allows you to communicate simultaneously with each other in real-time. Look for a virtual AGM platform that ensures transparency and employs detailed summary reports, data exports, shows results of voting polls in real-time, and so on.

Capacity to accommodate

Before you pick the best AGM platform for your organization, first look into the number of shareholders you want to join the meeting. Select the platform that has the capacity to accommodate all shareholders. While selecting a virtual AGM service, check the limit of the meeting to ensure the capacity to accommodate all members. Irrespective of attendance, you must ensure that the platform has the capacity to host all members.

Before you decide to select the virtual AGM platform for your organization to host a virtual or a hybrid AGM, looking onto the above-mentioned considerations are a must. It helps in carrying out your virtual meetings seamlessly while delivering immersive and interactive experiences, thus keeping privacy intact.