Benefits of Email Marketing Over Direct Mail Marketing


Email marketing has quickly risen as the top choice for companies to connect with their target audience. It is known to have the highest ROI, and if you have been considering utilizing this for your company, then it will be beneficial to continue reading this. Let’s look at some of the benefits of email marketing, especially in contrast to direct mail marketing.


A huge benefit of email marketing compared to virtually any other form of marketing out there is the cost-effectiveness of the approach itself.

It’s easy to see the value when you don’t have to pay for envelopes, prints, postages, and other costs involved with direct mailing. Email marketing is a low-cost solution; even if you send out hundreds of emails per day, your time is the most significant cost.


Since everyone checks emails regularly, this form of marketing is guaranteed to be seen by many target audiences. As a result, it can create a sense of urgency in the consumers to view your online business. The results are quick, and you will begin to see the number pouring in within hours of sending out your emails.

With direct mail marketing, it will take weeks to get any response from your company, and it is very slow.


You can track the number of clicks and conversions through your emails with the right email marketing software. This feature of measurability allows you to tweak and learn about the right strategy for your company. Using a digital marketing agency in Sydney called King Kong, you can leave the tracking efforts to the professionals. Tracking these metrics isn’t difficult, but adjusting the campaigns to optimize performance takes time and a deep understanding of internet marketing. 

It is complex to accurately keep track of and measure the reach of direct mail marketing.

Already Engaged Audience

Since your email list will already be comprised of people who have chosen to give out their email address, it will become easier to communicate with them and drive sales for your company. This is much better in contrast to direct mail marketing.


The simplistic format and increased connectivity have made it easier for people to share your emails with ease. This helps in utilizing word-of-mouth marketing with the help of effective email marketing. Whereas, with direct mails, this is not possible.


Since marketing does not have one single formula that is guaranteed to work, it requires many trial periods to develop a solid strategy. By utilizing emails for marketing, you can test the conversion rates, the effectiveness of the separate emails and modify everything accordingly by constant monitoring.

However, with direct mail marketing, this is not easy to do. Keeping track of the mails and monitoring which mails are effective is challenging.

Thus, this was all about the benefits of email marketing over direct mail marketing for companies. Since technology has become advanced and connectivity has improved across the globe, email marketing is the best-suited approach for any company to reach out to its target audience. Direct mail marketing may be suitable for certain niche businesses, especially if it reaches out to people locally. However, for a wider reach and scalability, email marketing is the option to go for.