Basic and Advance Tips for Pool Closing Services


You might have read about pool closing services in several articles, but you should know that there are mainly two categories the tips have been divided. These are the basic and the advanced services. This article will focus on these two categories.

What are the Basic Pool Closing Services?

Basic pool closing can be categorized as the easiest because homeowners can follow the instructions given by the staff and do them on their own. They need little to no help to maintain the swimming pool before closing it.

Checking and Maintaining the Right Water Level

The mid-tile is the gauge to measure the right level of the water. The water level could be lower than this measurement, but be careful not to increase the water higher than the mid-tiles. This will cause the water to overflow on the deck.

Turn Off the Filter and Skimmer

Turning off the filter and skimmer is important to check if the water is at the right level. Another reason to close the skimmer and filter is that the cleaning of the pool water can be done in the right way.

Keep a Check on the Filter Gauge

The filter gauge is an important part because it helps keeps a check on the water pressure. The pump will create noise if the pressure gets higher than twenty psi. A lower reading below eight psi means the pump needs a backwash for cleaning as a part of pool closing and opening services.

Inspection of the Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment

Automatic swimming pool cleaners are expensive, but they save time on manual cleaning. You can do a weekly inspection of the equipment, including the pool vacuum cleaner, a robotic cleaner, and a leaf collector. You should also not forget about the skimmer net, the pump basket, and the suction cleaner.

Hire Pool Closing and Opening Services

The easiest way to maintain and clean your pool is to hire the services of a licensed company. The professional staff will have the skills and experience to close and open the pool effectively using the right tools and techniques.

Analyze the Chemical Levels

Homeowners can also analyze the chemical level in the water weekly using test strips recommended by maintenance companies like Clear Tec Pools. They can dip the strip into the water and wait for a few minutes. The strip’s color can be compared with the chart to determine how much chemicals should be added.

Skimming the Swimming Pool is Important

Another important maintenance tip that you should focus on is removing debris like leaves, twigs, small branches, dead animals, and insects from the water’s surface. A skimmer net with a long pole can be used for this purpose.

Checking all Pool Safety Equipment

The safety equipment necessary around the swimming pool should include a gated fence, door alarms, life buoys, jackets, a first-aid kit, and a blanket. It is also important to keep all emergency numbers on speed dial. These points will ensure everyone’s safety.

Advanced Swimming Pool Closing Tips

Some of the advanced swimming pool closing tips might require the help of a professional team because some equipment could be complicated to handle. Or you might be new to the closing service and need help for the first time.

Backwashing the Swimming Pool Filter

It has been mentioned above that when the pressure gauge of the swimming pool filter is lower than a specific psi; the equipment should be backwashed. During the backwashing process, the pump is run backward for five minutes. Then the debris is removed from the pump basket, and the filter is turned back on.

Adding Chemicals After Thorough Checking

Adding chemicals like chlorine and salt is called shocking the swimming pool water. Some homeowners use chlorine tablets, others pour the powder directly into the water, or they can use Chlorine floaters or feeders. This process must be done at least once a week.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

One thing that must be understood about vacuuming the swimming pool is that you don’t have to drain the water. The vacuum head floats on the water and gathers all debris from the water’s surface. The vacuum hose is placed on the pool’s edge so the water can go back into the pool, and debris stays in the vacuum head.

These are the basic and advanced pool closing tips provided by swimming pool company staff.

Below are three questions that further enhance the swimming pool maintenance concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a pool need to be maintained?

According to companies providing pool closing services, the swimming pool should be inspected daily and skimmed daily. But proper maintenance should be done at least once a week.

How often should pool water be changed?

Changing the pool water every six to seven years has been recommended. But if you notice that the water is dirty, then you can change the water earlier.

How long will an inground pool last?

A concrete inground pool can last up to twenty years or more if properly maintained and repairs are done on time.

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