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Adil Khan Durrani a famous Indian businessman. He is well-known because he is Rakhi Sawant’s husband. He is an Indian dancer, artist model, talk show host and host. Adil Khan Durrani who owns several companies within Mysore, Karnataka. He owns an ice cream shop called Dezert Lab located in Mysore. We provide all information regarding Adil Khan Durrani. This site sheds shine on what we know about Adil Khan Durrani biography including wiki, birthday, age and family details, as well as other information about his life and controversies, caste weight, height and other lesser-known details, and many more.

Adil Khan was born on 15 December. He is a zodiac Sagittarius. He is a graduate of BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) at Vidya Ashram situated in Mysore, Karnataka. He graduated in the year 2017. Adil Khan Durrani is an Indian businessman. He is well-known as Rakhi Sawant’s partner, who is a popular Indian dancer, actress and model as well as presenter on talk shows. In an Instagram post recently shared by Rakhi on her Instagram account she shared that she’s dating Adil Khan Durrani who runs numerous companies located in Mysore, Karnataka. He owns an ice cream restaurant called Dezert Lab located in Mysore.

Adil Khan Durrani Biography

Adil Khan was born on the 15th of December, 1994. The zodiac of his birth is Sagittarius. He graduated with BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) from Vidya Ashram in Mysore, Karnataka. Adil completed his degree in the year 2017. Adil Khan Durrani came from an Islamic family in Mysore, Karnataka.

He was born and lived in Mysore. According to one of his Instagram posts, he’s associated to the Indian National Congress in Mysore. On January 21, 2018 the company opened an ice cream restaurant with name was DezertLan situated in Mysore. In the same year, he launched an auto business A.D. Think. Feel. Drive., in Mysore, Karnataka. Adil was a part of Streetcars Premium in Mysore, which is a contract for selling used vehicles. Adil has also been a part of numerous state-level shooting competitions.

It is an Avid car enthusiast and has shared many photos of his cat feline on the Instagram handle. Adil Khan is a fitness fanatic and regularly works out in the gym. In his spare time , he likes to ride horses and painting. He smokes Hukkah. He was in 2017 was as an additional secretary for his Mysore District Congress Committee in Mysore. Adil has an older sister, whose name is Shelly Lather who is an business woman.

Relationship and Life Partner

The singer who was recently spotted in the fourth Season of Bigg Boss Marathi, wed to Adil Khan Durrani on the 2nd of July, 2022.

Rakhi Sawant who has lately been seen in public with her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani who is engaged to Adil Khan Durrani. Rumours of a wedding are rife since pictures of her with Adil wearing garlands and carrying a wedding certificate appeared on the internet. The couple reportedly were married on the 2nd of July 2022. Rakhi said, “Yes, I got married to Adil in the month of July last year, after three months of dating. We were married in the Nikah ceremony, followed by the court wedding. As he prevented me from divulging the information and I was unable to reveal it throughout the past seven months. He was aware that it could become difficult to find for a suitable partner for his sister if the public became aware of our wedding. As per him, tum Rakhi Sawant ke saath judoge toh tumne badnaami lee hai.


Managing Director

According to his account on social media the man was a director of management at Street Cars Premium in Mysuru, Karnataka, which buy and sells used vehicles. In 2018, he launched the car-related business A.D. Think. Feel. Drive. in Mysuru, Karnataka. In January of 2018, He opened an ice-cream shop called Dezert Lab in Mysore, Karnataka too.

Some Lesser Facts About Adil Khan Durrani

  • Adil loves cat, and often post pictures of his pet cats via Instagram. Instagram handle.
  • The cricketer he is most well-known for is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  • He is a fan of driving cars, which is the reason his choice of profession is directly related to automobiles. He also has the Mercedez automobile.
  • He is not vegetarian and is also a smoker of Hukka.
  • He was in 2017 was as an additional secretary to The Mysore District Congress Committee situated in Mysore.
  • Adil is a fitness enthusiast and works out often. He enjoys keeping his body healthy and fit.

Choices and Beloved Things

Favorite car – Audi

Favorite Cricketer – Mahindra Singh Dhoni


  • Car collection Car collection Mercedes-AMG CLA 45
  • Houses – Not Known

Adil Khan Durrai’s Social Media Platform Profile


  • Net worth is believed to be between the between 3 and 5 crore rupees.

Adil Khan Durrani Biography FAQ’S

Who is Adil Durrani?

Adil Khan Durrani is a Mysore situated Entrepreneur. According to the information on his LinkedIn Profile, Durrani is a managing director of “Used Cars” located in Mysore.

Is Rakhi Sawant engaged to Adil?

Rakhi Sawant, who has recently spoken out about getting married to her boyfriend Adil Khan, has revealed new drama within her personal life. She had sent numerous chats on ETimes TV to prove that they were married in the last 7 months. A new story is unfolding unfolding in Rakhi Sawant’s world.

What is the age of Adil Khan?

39 Years (3 March 1983)

Who is Adil with? Rakhi?

Rakhi and Adil began their relationship at the beginning of the year, following her breakup with Ritesh who she declared her husband in Bigg Boss 15. Rakhi and Adil were in the film”Tu Mere Dil Me Rahne Layak Nahi.


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