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This article we’ll provide the details about Debra Jeter’s funeral and the details about the mother who murdered their children by cutting a slit in their throats.

How did Debra Jeter die? What was the real motive behind Debra Jeter’s passing? The public is eager to learn about Debra Jeter’s funeral. When they hear the news about her death People are searching of the reason for her death. Most of the time, people get deceived by news of the death of healthy individuals. The citizens from America United States are willing to be aware of the status that is Debra Jeter.

Who is Debra Jeter?

Debra Jeter an American native who is a native of Texas she completed her education in a local public institution in Texas and which is in the United States. Her anxiety was raised when her husband, Lee Jeter, filed a divorce against her. She became anxious over the custody issue of her two children Kelsey and Kiersten after Lee was with obtaining divorce. Debra Jeter has gone from the world and it appears that she took her own life.

Debra Jeter lived within Hillsboro, Texas, in the United States, made an attempt to kill herself on the 21 day of Mai 2009 prior to Mother’s Day, when she was at home with her daughters. The 41-year old was old at the time. old at the time and decided to take her own life because she was unable to take in the possibility of having to have to lose both her husbands and kids when her husband Lee Jeter filed for divorce suit against her.

The woman was accused of physically assaulted the daughter Kiersten in 2004 however she was cleared of charges after she went through treatment to heal her mental health. Lee was a little frightened to obtain a restraining order issued by her Court against her spouse, Debra Jeter, when he noticed her conduct towards Debra who was a troublemaker and the anxiety she felt about losing her children. The Court gave the unsupervised visit order to Debra in three weeks, less than lifting the restraining orders just one day after she had attempted suicide at her house.


Name Debra Jeter
Nickname Debra
Age 60 years old in 2023
Date Of Birth November 20, 1962
Profession A CPA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Birthplace United States

Debra Jeter Measurement

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 68 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Debra Jeter Educational Qualifications

School High schools
College or University Private University
Educational Degree Graduated

The shocking incident of the vicious mother Debra Jeter Netflix 2022 Original ‘Case and Survived Kiersten Jeter’s Daughter Kiersten

Debra Jeter received a jail sentence on the 5 5 June 2009, when she was found to be guilty in the case of the children’s deaths. She called 911 to inform that she killed her daughter, and then described the horror of what happened. She informed the dispatcher that she cut their throats and stabbed them with a knife. The tragedy stunned everyone as she gave Kiersten, her child Kiersten aged 13 the moment fighting for her own life while her 2 second daughter Kelsey who was 12 years old age, died.

The mother enticed her daughters to join her and took them to a abandoned farm that was located along Interstate 35 the very same day she picked them up to go on a trip without supervision. Children were eager to meet their mom, completely unaware of her nefarious plans to kill her daughters. The kids were shocked when Debra took out a knife, and then began to attack Kiersten and yelled her sister in a loud voice to stop.

Debra later moved on towards Kelsey after she stabbed Kiersten with a knife in the back while she attempted to shield her sister. Debra cut her daughter’s throat and killed her by inflicting serious injuries. She then returned to Kiersten who was injured when she received an incision cut on her throat in a deliberate way since she was in a frightening situation. The incident happened just four hours after Debra took their children home.

What is the status of Kiersten Jeter currently?

Kiersten Jeter faced an incredibly tragic incident in which her mother was trying to murder her daughters, that resulted in the murder of her sister as well as severe injuries to her. She has remained adamant about not talking to the media because her family was the victims when she was only 13 years old. She is still able to recall the horrific incident that occurred at around twelve years ago at the age of 24-25 years old. Debra justified her reckless behaviour by saying that she was utterly dissatisfied with the divorce process that was initiated by her husband as well as the custody dispute concerning their daughters.

Debra Jeter Obituary

Debra Jeter who originates from Carrollton, Georgia, in the United States, left the world on the 14 day of of January, 2021. She was born on the 20 the 20th November 1962 located in Randolph Co., Georgia and was a happy child to a happy life by her parents who died in the past Billy as well as Palona Jeter. She was an academic program analyst matters in West Georgia Technical College. She was also an active member of the Indian Creek Baptist Church. Funeral services for Debra was scheduled to occur on the 18th day of 18 January 2021 at about 2:00pm. The funeral was led by Bro. Doyle Jackson in the Indian Creek Baptist Church was followed by burial within the Church Cemetery.

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