7 Great Spots in the Fiji Schoolies

Fiji is a South Pacific country full of more than 300 islands. It’s famed for its white-sand beaches flanked by coconut palms and coastal ecosystems with beautiful lagoons.

This place provides a variety of interesting and exhilarating adventures for your Fiji schoolies, with lush fauna and flora and indigenous culture. Read along to discover some best spots.

Mamanuca Island

Experiencing the lively island from above is one of the best parts to do in Fiji. Take a helicopter ride from Nadi Airport to the Mamanuca Islands for a refreshing view.

A series of islands stretching northwest of Viti Levu Island provides a spectacular panorama. It appears to be expensive, but the aerial views from the chopper are incredible. It also saves time because a helicopter can fly over the entire island of Fiji.

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

If you love trailing adventure and are looking for something to do for your Fiji schoolies, this is the perfect alternative. Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, a growing national park with perfectly crystalline water situated within the peacefulness of rainforests, is a wonderful destination for hiking.

Hiking in the thick forest is among the greatest things to do if you want to experience the excitement of your visit. A hike through Colo-i-Suva Forest Park takes less than an hour at an easy pace.

Castaway Island

Diving in the crystalline waters will make you hook up with the island.

While there are many islands to choose from in Fiji, it’s difficult to know where to go snorkelling; Castaway and Mantaray are always good bets.

These islands’ marine life gives mesmerising experience. Snorkelling is one of Fiji’s most engaging activities.

Sigatoka River Safari

A Sigatoka River Safari is one of the best things to do in Fiji if you want to explore deep. The voyage normally starts in the seaside village of Sigatoka, and the trainer and captain will present you with fascinating and detailed information on Fijian heritage and traditions along the way.

In many respects, the scenic voyage will bring you closer to Fiji’s unique culture. So pack your belongings and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Fiji will not be called a beautiful island without its breathtaking beaches. This island offers some of the world’s finest and unspoiled beaches.

Its mini white havens are ideal for getting a beautiful tan, strolling with your lover, or going for a dip! So, apply some sunscreen and relax on one of the island’s many white beaches until the sunsets.


The eclectic town of Nadi allows you to immerse yourself in Fijian heritage. Nadi is a vibrant tourist spot on the west side of the beautiful Viti Levu. It’s a terrific spot to savour tasty food, shop, and sip genuine beverages.

One of the fascinating moments in Fiji is visiting the accessible souvenir market, which sells handmade kava bowls, hand-painted shawls, and cannibal forks.


It is recognised as the world’s soft coral centre, and it’s a paradise for those who desire to discover aquatic wildlife via deep-sea diving and unspoiled oceans. You’ll be left stunned by a vibrant spectrum of coral reefs and a school of exotic fish.

Dive down to the sea and be amazed by the vivid, one-of-a-kind corals that may be found there. It’s a priceless underwater shot worth tripping across.

With many destinations to visit on your Fiji trip, it is not impossible to enjoy every moment. But, in the end, the decision always depends on your likes, budget, and personal preference.


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