5 Ways to Enhance your Social Media Traffic through Animated Videos


Social media is one of the widely used platforms which also means that the platform is highly saturated with businesses belonging to the same industry, offering similar solutions. However, it has become an essential part of marketing to opt for creative and bewitching content that is adept to gain attention from the viewers. Coming down to the audience, they too require out of the box solutions in order to associate with brands.

Moreover, to help you gain the ultimate traffic and conversions through your social media platforms, we have gathered a number of applications that can be used to craft enriching videos. Not only is that going to improve your business but give you a better stand point in the market.

5 Applications to use for your social media platform

Spark video:

Spark video is considered to be one of the best applications, given the resolutions they provide without charging a penny. The best part about the application is that it has been built by a credible software company, well known for their contribution in technological advancement. Users have variety of options to choose from with this application, they can add in graphic details along with clips, icons and texts, offering them an impeccable video content that marks its own identity. Several animation maker have confessed to make use of this application for their work purposes.

An additional feature about this application is that the user can add in voice overs and music to their video content by the help of adobe library. It is extremely easy to generate personalized content within a short amount of time without requiring premium hardware.


Canva is another top tier application that has been a part of many designers’ works. Marketers have sought after this application mainly to craft flyers, social media posts that look artsy and business cards. Canva recently inaugurated their new version into the market that allows animators to experience different styles, out of which few of them are free of cost whilst others require to be bought on the application. The applications tools offer opportunities to businesses in striving far and tailoring creative content that has significant value.

What sets this tool apart from others is that users do not require to be experienced in creating animated content to use this tool. Anyone using the application for the first time will still be able to comprehend it and make use of it for their own benefit. We have to agree that Canva is a user friendly application ridden with mechanics that make it easier to gain solutions in no time. Whether it’s to create animated GIFs or movies, all can be sought after under one single roof.


Crello is a similar application to that of Canva. However the only difference between the two that sets them apart is that Crello has features that allow users to completely customize their video content based on their personal requirements and wishes. Whereas Canva only cater through specific templates that have to be connected together to create a single lengthy video.

The tool has been created in a manner that the user does not require to do much. All they have to look into is to add texts and audio and simply download the video. Last but not least, they have to upload the video on social media.


The application has been widely used by several businesses that wish to create content on a scheduled basis and that is often a part of their marketing plans. Brands can create captivating content that is attention grabbing, allowing the business to engage their viewers and assist them with transforming their viewers into customers. Surveys have been made and it has been concluded that this tool is an effective strategy to bring concepts and ideas to life whilst conveying important messages across.

Lumen5 is free of cost and has features that can be used to create influential video content through customization.


Quik is an other highly effective tool that can be implemented on both operating systems, android and IOS. Whereas, as far as the features concerned regarding this application, the tool allows users to create lengthy videos unlike others. The best part about this application is that it can deliver exceptional video content in short amounts of time. And those solutions are more than what you can expect.

There is a variety of templates that make it even more easier to use this tool in order to customize the video content as per the needs of the user.

These 5 applications have been skillfully designed to deliver the best outcomes through easiest methods. One does not require to have previous experiences with creating video content in, they can simply get on it with it at will.