5 Gadgets For Preppers And Fight Or Flight Situations


The fight or flight response is your ability (or inability) to deal with a stressful and sudden situation. The individual’s decision to stand their ground and deal with the stimuli or retreat and find a better solution is what the fight and flight situation entails, respectively. Certain factors determine whether a person is likely to choose either one of these responses. Their personality, the stimulus itself, and other variables may influence either their fight or flight response. These additional variables could be equipment and other gadgets that they can use to help them in the situation. 

This article will be looking at some gadgets that could greatly help you traverse a stressful situation. They will only act as an aid; the decision to flee or stay varies from person to person.

You should have a list of gadgets in mind by the end of this piece. That will help if you want to consider getting or ever find yourself in a hostile and anxiety-inducing situation. 

Equipment for dealing with the unseen

When dealing with things that go bump in the night, preparation is as essential as the situational response at that moment. You want to ensure that you have everything in place to track, record, and examine whatever is happening in your house. In this specific situation, it’s difficult to draw on your fight and flight response, a state of shock is more likely to set in before anything else. 

You may want to consider emergency ghost tracking devices that help you determine what is going on in the house. There aren’t many places where you can find such equipment, but https://spiritshack.co.uk might have something that could pique your interest. With equipment ranging from EMF sensors to SLS cameras, you can find just about everything you need to deal with the paranormal. 

The initial shock of potential paranormal activity can be tough to digest. However, if you decide to stand your ground and probe further, some of these gadgets can be a game-changer. Simply knowing that you aren’t overreacting gives you closure and helps you think clearly. 

Tactical Pen 

It is an amazing piece of equipment to keep on you at all times. Not only does it serve its purpose as a pen, but it can also save your life if you ever need it. With some of the most durable, military-grade aluminum, you can be confident that this pen won’t die on your hands any time soon.
Moreover, in emergencies, you can use it to break windows and fight off assailants who might be looking to cause you harm. 

The best thing about something like this is that it isn’t too noticeable. It looks like the average pen, so it comes as a shock to learn that you are well-equipped to defend yourself. It’s great for people who don’t want to carry large, heavy gadgets that take up space in their pockets or backpack. Something like this is simple and acts as a defense tool in the most efficient way possible. 

A Portable Door Lock 

One of the biggest threats to safety comes when you are staying at hotels/ motels while traveling. We don’t mean to dampen your travel plans. However, it would help if you took your safety into your own hands when staying at one of these places. Sometimes, you can’t rely on the door locks that some of these rooms offer. They’re flimsy, easy to get into, and the management may access the room through a master key. 

It would be best to buy a portal door lock for yourself instead. Especially for women traveling alone, something like this could come in handy and play a key role in your safety. These portable locks are fairly heavy-duty. They can keep a perpetrator at bay if they want to force their way into your room. 

Take your room safety into your own hands as soon as you can. An added deterrent at the door gives you time to weigh your options and choose between fight or flight. 

Silent Beacons

Suppose you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you would instead escape than stand your ground. In that case, it’s best if you call the cops. However, that’s easier said than done. The situation doesn’t always allow you to grab your phone and have a conversation with the authorities. Moreover, sometimes, it might be better for your safety if you don’t explicitly indicate that you have or intend to call the authorities. 

A silent beacon is what you need in a situation like this. With the push of a button, the police will know your location and be alerted of the emergency. Moreover, no one will know that you have called the cops. They’ll show up at the site. 

It’s great to keep something like this in your pocket if you ever need to use it. Simply pressing it through your trousers will silently activate the beacon. Working quietly and de-escalating the situation till the authorities arrive is often better than showing people that you are on the phone with the police. 

Solar power charger

Although several things you’ll need if you’re ever stranded, there can be nothing more valuable than a solar power bank. Being abandoned or stuck somewhere can be terrifying enough as it is, but being without any connection can be a whole new ballgame. If your phone runs out of battery, you won’t be able to contact anyone and get help. However, a solar power charger can help you immensely in these sticky situations. To charge the power bank, you need to ensure it gets some time in the sun. 

Then, you can use it to recharge your mobile phone, camera, MP3 player, or tablet. Furthermore, most solar chargers also come with a handy torch to help you make your way in the dark. A solar charger is an absolute must for fight or flight situations. It can allow you to use your phone to navigate, connect with loved ones, and get the help you need. 


There we see some of the best gadgets and preppers you can buy for a fight or flight situation. We have been over everything from pepper spray to multi-tools and even paranormal equipment. All of the gadgets mentioned above could play a key role in reducing stress and, in some cases, saving your life.
As a result, consider your options and decide which ones you believe require investment.

Just make sure you buy whatever you need too soon. You never know when danger/ emergency might strike, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.