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What security restrictions can be encountered while using SMS verification

SMS authentication or verification is two-factor authentication that uses SMS technology and a one-off password. This thing makes it possible for users to verify on various online services using a temporary confirmation code. People get such codes in SMS.

What is SMS verification?

Nevertheless, there’s an opinion that sms online verification is not as strong a form of protection as some others.

This system of verification is really a no-brainer. Users sign in, and in a while, they get a text message with a code. Then, they need to copy it to the app or on a website. Instagram, Facebook, or Google — all major websites or apps use this form of verification.

SMS authentication is a sort of an extra layer of security.

The limits of SMS authentication

Over the last decades, there were several significant data breaches when perpetrators exploited SMS protection systems.

A bad actor may impersonate the victim and try to convince the company that provides the service to send the text to his or her SIM card. They could do it easily when they have some private information of their potential victims, such as social security numbers.

Conmen could intercept their victims and a telecom service provider to send the password to another carrier. So, they can set up another mobile page and do the trick.

All the telecom providers worldwide use a specific protocol that is quite well-known for experienced cybercriminals. And they could potentially intercept a text message using some vulnerabilities in this protocol.

Some criminals go the extra mile and install fake cell towers that can receive SMS. Others use specific malware to intercept SMS passwords.

How to get an additional level of protection

But you don’t necessarily have to register via your personal phone number. You can use a fake number and register via it. In this way, you won’t have to share the number with the online company that provides online service.

For instance, if you need another Instagram profile, register on the OnlineSIM website and select the required service like Instagram or Facebook. Then, copy the number you see to the registration page on Instagram or the like. That will allow you to receive a confirmation code.


OnlineSIM is the provider of such phone numbers. You can rent a phone number at any time. There’s no need to register via your personal number since advertising platforms like Facebook Ads might use it and sell to third parties.