3 Tools to ensure successful academic examinations are run


Test sessions can often be a stressful experience, both for the students and the invigilators. For the latter, one of the main concerns is efficiently managing online academic examinations.

As an examiner, it is crucial to take the help of an online exam delivery platform that gives you complete control over a test session. You should be able to manage its delivery efficiently while having complete control over the session.

Besides managing the test according to your requirements, the online platform should also give you the liberty to make specific tools available to the students for a convenient and smooth session. 

But what three tools ensure an academic examination’s successful running? In what ways are they useful? What are some of the other things regarding this topic you should know? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Online Assessment Platforms

  • Efficiently Managing The Delivery Of Tests

An online assessment platform lets you efficiently manage the delivery of tests by providing all the necessary tools in a single suite. You have the option to enrol candidates on an individual basis or as a class and create exam sessions. These will help you in running and invigilating the examination.

You also receive the benefit of a delivery dashboard, which provides you with a live view of the candidates, events, and test sessions. When candidates attempt an exam, they leave behind an audit trail, which you can preview and analyse whenever you want.

  • Complete Control While Running Exams

Reliable examination invigilator tools give you complete control over the running of online sessions through their features. For example, an administration screen lets you see and control the candidates while tracking their progress during the session.

Some of the various test session controls which you can benefit from are:

  • starting and pausing the test for all candidates
  • allowing or rejecting examinees from the session
  • giving extra time
  • preventing candidates from appearing for the examination while assigning a reason
  • forcing them to submit the test after the allotted time
  • Deliver Tests Even With An Unstable Internet Connection

It is easy to manage a test with a stable Internet connection, but what if your internet connectivity is terrible, leading to dropouts and disconnections? Test delivery applications deliver a consistent test-taking experience, regardless of location. 

You can even deliver a test without an Internet connection without affecting the overall experience. Such applications enable you to see the candidate’s progress, run locked-down exams, and decide which tools you want to provide to the examinees.

Three Essential Tools For Successfully Running Tests

Here are the three tools you should have for effectively running an examination.

  • Progress summary

This tool provides the candidates with a view of the attempted questions so far during the test session and the questions they have not attempted. 

  • Timer

It is a crucial tool as it informs the students of the time remaining in the test. It helps them in time management and ensures they pace themselves accordingly.

  • Reference materials

Using reference materials is a good way of enriching your questions by providing extracts, excerpts, and information related to the question, which improves it and tests the examinee’s qualities.

You should choose an online assessment platform with the qualities and features mentioned above, enabling you to run an academic examination successfully.