3 Tips to Make the Most of Memes in Your Marketing Strategies


The reason why most people take to social media is to unwind and relax after a long day at work. They look forward to hilarious and entertaining content in social brands. As brands look forward to catching the attention of their target group in social media, they are coming up with innovative ways to give the audience such refreshing content. It is in this context that meme marketing comes into the picture.

Being native to the different social media platforms, memes are highly visual content. Considering the dwindling attention span of an average individual, this provides an excellent opportunity for brands to put forth their ideas in a way that will grab eyeballs.

Today, meme marketing is gaining traction and is at the helm of its popularity. This makes it the ideal time for you to jump on the bandwagon and make the most of meme marketing. Here are some tips that will help you in this regard.

Understand Your Audience & The Platform

Before you set out on your meme marketing campaign, you need to understand your audience demographics to find out if memes would work for them. For example, a lifestyle brand that caters to millennials would thrive in meme-marketing. However, the same cannot be extended to a healthcare brand that caters to senior citizens. Knowing your demographics and their online behavior will allow you to share memes that are relevant to them.

While it is perfectly acceptable for a brand to cross-promote its meme content, you need to know the social media platform where you intend to post the meme. For example, Instagram uses a square format and encourages pictures in 640 X 640 pixels. Facebook allows both square and rectangular pictures and uses an image dimension of 1200 X 1200 pixels.

Customizing your meme’s image dimensions to suit the platform it is posted on will help in giving it the due visibility. InVideo and most other photo editing tools give you the provision of saving an image in multiple dimensions.

Add Originality to Your Memes & Plan Well

The most important step to making memes is identifying whether you will be creating your memes or be refurbishing popular memes to market your products. By leveraging the power of viral memes that are already popular, you have the advantage of your audience understanding context without you having to spell out the same. Happy birthday memes like these here are an excellent example of such popular-yet-refreshing memes.

On the other hand, if you create your memes, you can come up with inside jokes that only your viewers will get. This will help establish the foundations of a healthy business relationship and you can expect better loyalty from your existing customers. If you are keen on creating your meme, there are several animation and video editing tools that will help you.

Understand that if you want to skip the hassle and work on existing memes, you do not need to worry about plagiarism and other finer details. However, you need to make sure that you have the right image for the meme.  Meme-jacking requires you to keep abreast of the latest trends and identify popular memes that will help you gain visibility.

Ideally, it can be a picture of the product or service that you offer. Irrespective of whether you are creating your meme or taking upon one that is trending, make sure that the image and textual content resonates with the brand voice of your organization.

Memes are an efficient way of getting viewers to share your posts. However, as a brand, you need to realize that memes can only be a part of your social media marketing strategy and not the entire strategy. Sit back and evaluate your social media marketing strategy and try to have memes as 20-30% of your overall virtual posts.

Most organizations want to come up with memes that are in alignment with the theme of the organization. For example, animal memes are highly popular among pet clinics businesses. While this may be acceptable, over time such an act may come off as redundant in front of your regular customers. As far as possible, try to have a variety in your memes and make sure that you do not overdo any content.

Keep Up With Latest Trends

These days, it is not difficult to find a funny happy birthday video maker such as this one and come up with a meme that will get people talking. To ensure that all the noise is made in the right direction, you need to make sure that your meme does not hurt the sentiments of any group or community.

Generating humor at the expense of any social customs will make your brand come off as insensitive and a lot of people will not be keen on associating themselves with you. Unless you want such negative publicity to undo the effects of your efficient marketing, make sure you do not compromise on doing adequate homework before posting a meme.

A meme will have some textual content, but this does not give you the license to do away with the image description. Understand that any social media marketing post aims to gain visibility among the target audience. When a post has high user engagement, the algorithm of social media platforms would make it appear on the feed of more users. Thus, when you post a meme your aim should be to encourage communication.

Look up online for keywords and hashtags that are relevant to the meme. In the description use a catchy phrase or question that will prompt people to respond. Encouraging viewers to tag their friends in your posts is another important step in this regard.

With top brands like Gucci, BarkBox, and Stemless taking to meme-based marketing, its potential remains unquestioned. It is recommended that you spend some time studying the meme-strategies of established businesses and come up with ways to improvise on them to suit your brand’s marketing needs. By keeping yourself abreast of the happenings of the world of social media, you will come up with memes that will steer your brand’s digital popularity.

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