Work From Home with Pets? Here’s What You Should Know


Whether you love it or hate it, working remotely has become something of a new normal. Companies are becoming more open to the idea of their employees conducting business from their own homes rather than coming into the office every day. This could be a revolutionary way to not only save money but also improve employee wellbeing. For many people who work from home, this means spending more time in the company of their pets. If you have now found yourself with many more hours in close quarters with your dog or cat, here are some points to consider about the possible benefits and how you can make it even more rewarding for you both.

Your Pets Can Make Work Easier

Before remote work became so popular, companies had started to introduce programs that invited employees to destress by interacting with animals in the workplace. Petting a friendly animal is known to reduce stress levels for both the person and the animal. Use this information to make working from home a more relaxing experience for you and your pet. It is surprisingly soothing to feel like a movie villain while stroking the sleeping cat on your lap during a video meeting.

Find a Routine That Works for You and Your Pet

If you never used to be home all day and now you don’t go to the office, your pet will most likely be delighted that you can spend more time together. They don’t understand that you need to work and therefore might seek your attention at all hours, even when you are at your busiest. This is why sticking to a routine that works for both of you will help avoid disappointment or guilt. Set aside time during your breaks to play with your pet, and make it clear that when you are in a particular place, such as at your desk, the fun is on hold. They will soon learn to wait more patiently for your attention since they know it will eventually come.

You Can Monitor Your Pet’s Health Better

Apart from the advantages of feeling more relaxed, you can also be more aware of your pet’s health by keeping an eye on them during the day. Some pets are great at hiding injuries or illnesses from their people, but this is less possible when you work from home. If you notice something new and concerning, contact a vet such as for professional advice. You may spot something potentially serious with plenty of time to treat it. Pay attention to any changes in your pet’s activities or attitude to make sure they stay healthy.

Pets Are Healthy Distractions

Unlike scrolling through social media or watching TV when you’re supposed to work, playing with your pet is more enriching and satisfying as a form of distraction. It takes your eyes away from a screen and gives you a few minutes of real connection, even if you have to get back to work.