Window and door quoting software


Windows and doors quoting software specifically designed for these products is available here. TopNotepad is trusted by thousands of window and door service providers worldwide for generating professional quotes.

Quotes can be created and downloaded in PDF, Excel, and Word using the software. Quote software for windows and doors is very simple and easy to use, as well as very clean looking. You can instantly generate quotes and work online with clients to seek approval with simple workflows.

Quotes are important for all businesses; the faster you share your quote with your customer, the quicker you will close the deal. Adding details of your client and the services you will provide enables you to generate a quote instantly. This software can generate quotations for windows and doors that can be opened in Word, Excel, Google Sheets or Google Docs. Your client can also approve the quote online by clicking on a button and getting an email.

If you are searching for window and door quoting software, please check this company’s website. OpenJanela has outstanding reviews.

The quoting software for windows and doors, which was developed with the input of industry experts, offers unique options for configuring and customizing. Layouts can be customized or templates can be selected from the database.

A fresh quote can be created using quoting software for windows and doors as follows:

The following details should be added to the quotes template in the appropriate modules.

Name and logo of your company:

Depending on whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, you should include your legal name. If you have a logo, you should also include it.

Your address

Your business’s registered address is required. If the correspondence address is different, please make sure to mention that as well. Please also include your official email and phone number in addition to the address.

Number of the quotation

Include a unique quotation number so that your client can easily reference the document.

Date of quote

The quotation was created and emailed on this date.

Your client’s name and address

Please include the name and address as well as any applicable tax identification numbers for your client.

Keep track of the quote by using software:

Follow up on your quotation a few days after receiving your client’s order. A minimum of 3 business days is required. In case your client has already agreed to contact you on a specific date, you may wish to remind them one day before that date. For reminders or follow ups, email is generally preferred, and the quotes software for windows and doors lets you send emails. Alternatively, if there is no response to your email, you can give us a call.

Window and door quotation software: Use technology to reach agreement on quotations

Upon receiving good news of your quotation being accepted, you should request an approval email or have the quotation signed by your client to formalize the acceptance. If e-signatures/digital signatures are convenient for both you and your client, you may want to consider them. As soon as you get verbal acceptance, do not begin your work, as it won’t serve your purpose in the event of arbitration. You can record consent details in the windows and doors quoting software and save them for future reference.