Why Your Business Needs A Facebook Chatbot


In this day and age it feels like every marketing platform is oversaturated with the same things. It’s hard to make a real impact when there is just so much marketing content available on the web targeting users from every direction. You need to stand out from this noise with a solution that really works. Facebook Chatbot is the latest way to actually connect with your audience and promote interaction with your users. Here’s why your business needs a Facebook Chatbot!

What is a Facebook Chatbot?

Facebook Chatbots are messenger tools that allow you to message subscribers directly. These messages can be personalized depending on the users interaction, and they can include valuable things like reminders, questions, and links. You can have one bot per facebook page, and they let you quickly respond to messages on Facebook with pre-written responses. Click here to see live chat software solutions compared. Facebook Chatbots are changing the way marketers interact with users, and they’re possibly the future of communications.

It’s time to get personal

Viewers have gone sour on traditional marketing methods. While email marketing used to be the name of the game, it’s gotten stale in a way that bores users and stops growth. SImilarly, social media is inundated with marketers and businesses fighting for user attention. It can be hard to find genuine connections in this mess of visuals, text, and calls to action.

It’s time to get personal with your marketing. Using a Facebook Chatbot means communicating directly with your users. It means sending them a message on a platform they already use in a way that is easy and convenient for everyone. Instead of blindly sending a lengthy email, you can promote conversation and discussion in a way that doesn’t feel like spam.

Actually get noticed

Email response rates are pitifully low as of recently. People no longer care to open most email messages that don’t appeal to them, and this has driven conversion rates down. Facebook messenger marketing challenges all of this. Because the message triggers a buzz or instant phone notification, the open rates for messenger chatbots is between 80-90%. That’s a number you can’t ignore!

Chatbots are uncharted territory

The internet has become much less like the wild west and more like a pay to enter amusement park. With ad space becoming more and more expensive, it’s harder to find inexpensive ways to actually get your users attention. Because Facebook Chatbots are so new, it’s relatively easy to use them and to use them well. If you want to make the most of Facebook Chatbots, now is the time to do it while they’re still uncharted territory!

The internet is turning away from email

As the internet becomes more complex, people are turning their back on email marketing. While this used to be the name of the marketing game, recent trends suggest it’s in decline. Younger generations are less likely to use email daily, and that’s why it’s so important to take advantage of Facebook Chatbots which grab ahold of this new audience.

Facebook Chatbots are the future

Facebook Chatbots challenge the way marketers interact with their audience. It’s time to make the switch if you haven’t already to Facebook Chatbots to see what the hype is all about! If you’re ready to see real growth, it’s time to make the switch!