Why Paint by Numbers are the Best Games


Paint by number is a painting system that converts pictures into shapes. They mark every form with a number similar to the color of the paint. Painting by number is as simple as it sounds. That explains the vast popularity some time back, and still, it’s among the favorite pastime games today.

 History of Paint by Numbers

An engineer named Max Skein developed the first paint number kits in 1950. He is the sole owner of the Palmer paint company in Michigan. In 1951 palmer paint produced another big craft paint that sold 12million kits. This popularity pushed other firms to make their types of paint by number.

Paint by number kits has mass credibility since they offer everyone a field to build something exciting. Although their popularity decreases with time, these kits are trademarked and genuinely loved by the masses worldwide.

Examples of paint by number kits

Ballerina paint by number kit

This is a fun and soothing exercise. It has many shades of emerald green and blue. This is a good start for artistic amateurs since there are bigger spaces and fewer colors to paint with.

Ladybug on a grain of wheat

Creative skills of any kind can copy this beautiful ladybug painting. The hazy yellow surrounding is quite forgiving concerning the mistakes of the outside lines. The overall product will make a gorgeous piece to light up any room.

Dydjoy canvas oil painting kit

If you’re willing to add beautiful features to your little ones’ bedroom or you want to make them happy through a gift. These excellent paint by number animal paint usually broaden the young gamer’s creativity, a must for the family to have.

Birds on a wire paint by numbers kit

What extinguishes Diana paints from others is the shaded canvases. This usually offers amateurs a simple color guide to follow from the first to the last piece. The gorgeous bird picture comes with mesmerizing non-harmful paints with sketch-framed canvas.

Morning coffee at the beach house kit

Painting a picture of a morning coffee in your beach house is more fun and relaxing. With experiences, you will create a beautiful view of small houses on the hills, horizon, and tiny seagulls. This kit includes wrinkle-free brushes and four brushes.

Tips to Help You Become Paint by Number Pro

The unique feature of the painting by number is that you don’t need to be an artist artistic to run the system. If you follow the directions as commanded at the end, you will have a magnificent piece of art. Your passion for art and a quick hand are required for a paint by number success.

These are the few tips to make paint by number a success.

  1. Clear your area of work—a jug of water with a paper towel handy for cleaning brushes.
  2. Clean your brushes when they start to get dirty. Your tops should always remain closed as you are done with your job to prevent them from drying.
  3. It is advised that your work must start from the top to the bottom.
  4. Begin by painting with the darkest colors first as you finish with the lightest. This will educate more on the chroma and tone of colors.
  5. If you are not comfortable using the paint by number kits provided. You can buy your brushes at a craft store near you.
  6. In case you happen to meet canvases with wrinkles, it is advised you sprinkle a light spackle of water. Also, iron with moderate heat on the backside to straighten it out. It will help remove any wrinkles before you start to paint.
  7. Paint with a single color at a time, and start with the extensive areas you are supposed to cover. Never dip your brush from one paint bucket to another. This prevents contamination of colors.

Benefits of the painting by number

  1. Increased hand-eye coordination.

Paint by number will broaden your hand-eye cooperation. The development of this coordination is crucial since it helps build athletic abilities and agility. This also enhances your typing skills, making you productive at work.

Decreased stress

There is no person alive who would not benefit from lower stress levels. Adults’ coloring is a stylish way to eliminate stress. Paint by number will create the same effectiveness in adults as coloring.

Paint by number stimulates senses and creativity that results in wellness, helping an individual relax. The stimulation of the senses develops motor-related abilities such as focus, creativity, and relaxation.

Encourages other artistic endeavors

If Paint by number is your first experience with art, the painting experience could unleash a love for art that you were not aware of. You should not be surprised if this leads to further exposure to artistic endeavors.