Why is the Metro Ethernet Solution Advantageous?


Before delving into the whys and how’s of metro Ethernet, let us first see what it is. In a world that is increasingly dependent on network connectivity, internet, Ethernet, fiber optic cables, etc. play a major role in deciding the success of the business.

So what is Metro Ethernet?

Metro Ethernet is the Metropolitan Ethernet network connection which is also known as MEN. It is a large network of multiple connections that can be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint. Metro Area Network (MAN) is a network connection in a single location where different businesses, organizations, agencies, and residences shared resources while maintaining individual internet connections.

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Ethernet is a LAN (Local Area Network) based technology that provides internet connection to various sections/ buildings of the same business while ensuring that no one else has access to the network. Metro Ethernet offers the same using fiber optics network for a number of businesses located in the same space.

Since the Ethernet connection was first made available in the metros/ cities, the network got its name from the same. However, as MEN got popular, service providers extended their network into small towns and remote locations. This made it possible for businesses outside the cities to gain access to high-speed, secure, and quality internet connection. And since the businesses share the common resources, the cost of investment is less.

The following are some of the advantages of Metro Ethernet Solution that has helped many businesses in staying up to date with the latest developments in the market and retaining their position.


The advantage of using Metro Ethernet is that it doesn’t require any complex equipment for installation. Small businesses especially do not have to spend too much money on setting up the network. Also, since some of the resources are shared by other businesses using the same network, the costs are divided among them.

Reliable Network Connection

Metro Ethernet network can be monitored and controlled from a remote location. This makes it easy for the service providers to work on the problems as soon as they have been reported. Enterprises do not have to wait for the technicians to arrive, detect, and find a solution. With most service providers offering 24*7 technical support, enterprises will not lose their precious business hours.

Scalability Advantage

Enterprises grow and expand over time. The network connection they use should be able to accommodate the growing needs. Metro Ethernet wins here because it can be scaled as required to add new points and connect them to the network. Adding a new office location to the network is an easy task.

Flexible Network

Each enterprise needs different internet speed for daily operations. Depending on the usage, enterprises can choose any speed between 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps. They can opt for different packages and change them whenever necessary. Small business enterprises can start with the smallest pack and upgrade gradually.

Ease of Use

Since there is no need for complex installation equipment, enterprises don’t have to worry about using the network or adding new connections. The technical department for the enterprise can handle new connections. There is no need to wait for the service provider to take the job.

Quality Services

While the responsibility taken by the service provider plays a key role, the Metro Ethernet network supports an array of services. Marking, queuing, policing, scheduling, classification, etc, are some of the services it supports. When a network is as reliable, it becomes easier for enterprises using it to work faster and become more productive.

Cloud Connectivity

Many business enterprises are using cloud computing for daily operations. Whether it is connecting to the cloud or the data centers, Metro Ethernet can be used to make the entire network safe and secure.

Multiple Functions through a Single Connection

Another biggest advantage of Metro Ethernet is that despite having a single connection, enterprises can keep their usage independent of each other. The bandwidth, data, and speed used by one enterprise don’t affect the usage of others in the network. Every enterprise could be heavily relying on the network and still get the best out of it every minute.

Data Security

Data security is a primary concern for all enterprises. The biggest advantage of using Metro Ethernet Solution is that it provides complete data security while transmission as it prevents unauthorized access to the network. Enterprises can also opt for EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) for increased security.

Service providers who offer Metro Ethernet Network customize the services and network to provide each business with exactly the kind of network it requires. This makes it possible to control the costs and also deliver quality services, which is a win-win situation for everyone. Enterprises can contact the service providers for more information about the network and the various service packages.