Why Data Cleanliness is Essential for Your Marketing Campaign


There is a lot of focus on collecting customer email addresses via mailing lists and other methods. This information is useful for marketing campaigns, as it means that you always have a list of customers that you can contact when you launch a new product or need to improve sales.

However, almost as important as the list itself is the cleanliness of the data on that list. Having a list of well-curated data means lower bounce rates, higher read rates, and ultimately more successful marketing campaigns. If your data isn’t great, you’ll end up spending a lot of time dealing with bounce backs, and you probably won’t get great results.

Lower bounce rates

Bouncebacks happen when your data is incorrect (for example, a name is misspelled), your data is no longer correct (the person no longer uses that email address), or for temporary technical issues that may be resolved if you try sending the mail again.

For any email marketing campaign, you can expect a certain level of bouncebacks. However, with every bounceback comes a prospect that won’t get the message you were trying to send. Plus, there will also be an administrative task of trying to find the correct data to resend the message.

These factors combined lower the ROI for your marketing campaign. Having good quality data means fewer bouncebacks, and therefore a higher ROI.

Higher read rates

If your data is accurate, it means that your emails are going to the people that you think they are going to. If you have targeted your campaign correctly, this means that you will end up with higher read rates.

Higher read rates mean a greater ROI for your marketing campaign.

How to clean your data

If your data has become inaccurate and out of date, it can be a big job to correct it. If you don’t have access to a database of correct data to compare yours to, it’s an incredibly challenging task.

A lot of businesses are able to overcome this issue by enlisting the help of a third party. Lead Lists data cleaning services will take your existing list of customer data and compare it to their database of accurate and regularly audited data. Following this comparison, they will update your list so that it contains only accurate and up to date information.

How to maintain data quality

Once you have a good quality list of data, it’s important to keep it that way! The simplest way to do that is by regularly contacting your customers via email and keeping on top of bounces. In this way, you are both checking your data and maintaining a relationship with your customer base.

Your email preference center is also a powerful tool for keeping your lead lists clean. You can use your customer preferences to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date email address and tell you what kinds of marketing the customer actually wants to receive. Both of these things are vital for ensuring a good ROI on your campaign.