Why are my tiktok videos not getting likes?


If you are one of the millions of developers using TikTok today, you are going to be a star on social media. Thanks to social media, many people have become like celebrities outside the secular ordinary life.

Whether it’s your funny personality, witty caresses, amazing dance moves, or great tips and tricks, you have every chance of becoming famous in this social media giant. But to do that, you need images – and lots of them!

So if you are like many other TikTok users, you might have a specific question – Why are my Tiktok videos not getting Likes?

You have made every effort to watch your videos. But no matter what you do, who you connect with, or how you share videos, the big void sits high and takes pride. Not only does this destroy your ability to create healthy content, but it also delays your star rise.

So why don’t your Tiktok videos get zero likes ? There are many reasons.

In this guide, we’ll try to break them down so that you can fix the problem and take immediate action. The sooner you solve this problem, the sooner you will be able to gain the much needed TikTok visibility and start building your superstar person online.

How to avoid 0 likes problem with Tiktok.

The main way to solve the problem when the video doesn’t get zero tiktok likes is to make sure you’re playing according to the platform rules.

To make it more effective, we recommend that you try and be sure to follow the instructions. Generally, successful TikTok content ensures that it meets all the following criteria:

  • Content must be original and created by primary account only.
  • The content must be ethical and should not contain hazardous activities.
  • Content must be healthy as it should not contain nudity and/or violence.
  • The content must be relevant to any audience of TikTok, which means it does not contain graphic content.
  • The content must not contain any political remarks or similar statements.

Follow the steps above, and your video has a very high chance of being accepted and indexed by TikTok. It may take a while to get everything right, but if you take some time to research it, you’ll understand the process completely.

So if you are only posting TikTok content and it is not getting zero impressions, just review the above information. If you can handle all of this, your videos are likely to avoid penalties, which can keep them from succeeding then visit BuzzVoice which is the best site to buy likes on tiktok.

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