Which time is best for intraday trading?


If you are an intraday trader then the question “which time is best for intraday trading” is not worth asking. You know the market uncertainty and various other factors where you stagnant at some point and escalate at somewhere. But if you are a beginner in trading then there are basics points you should before dig into the intraday trading. Intraday trading is a place where you face an uncertain market for a day. And on that day you need to consider your best profit by choosing and selling the stocks wisely. Herewith, time is the most factor that we are going to explain.

What should you do at market opening: 

At the time of 9:45 A.M to 11:00 A.M, the stock market is used to go through the high fluctuations rate. It happens because of so much ordered placed during the stock market off.

At that particular time, nobody can judge the market, it looks like so much uncertainty. That is why the patience will help you to prevent you from the loss. It means do not step ahead in the trading at that time. Just wait for a while and once the market will stagnant or normal you can start your execution. Before that, you can not get any idea about which stock will go up and which goes down. So try to keep patience for the first one or half hours. 

But again there no guarantee that your choosing stocks at the opening time will not work properly. But the safe game in intraday trading is to not going to trade at high volatility. 

What should do at the midtime of the stock market:

At the time of almost 12:30 to 1:30 PM, you can find your profit easily. However, the trend is not used to come on a regular basis but yes, it is known as a good time for a stock market trader to trade. The stagnation is remaining the same at this point because of low fluctuations. 

At this point, you can choose your stock wisely or sell that stock that seems uncertain. By choosing stock at this time can help you to play the rest of the hours before the closing. In most of the cases at the closing time, you can save your profit if you choose or sell wisely. If you use the right system and do enough measurement you get the best profit for sure. 


well, this is not any suggested time for intraday trading you have to choose the right time by yourself. Once you enter this profession you need to build a strong system and measurement so that you can judge the stocks precisely. And ultimately it will give the best result. Herewith, if you choose some steps that suggested up in this article you might get some clarity in your intraday trading planning. But after all, you have got to choose your own hard and fast rule. In the end, we want to sum up this in few points:

  • Try to avoid trading at opening time.
  • Make measurements and decisions by yourself. 
  • Choose the right time to trade by guessing the market trend. 

In the end, we want to aware you that if you do not have the proper knowledge about the stock market then intraday trading is not worth it for you.

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