How To Use WhatsApp Business To Grow Your Business


Are you irritating by the message of your customer coming on your personal Whatsapp? and want to know how to use WhatsApp for Business? then read this article till the end because of this article especially for you.

We are going to discuss everything about WhatsApp business to maintain your business professional image. So, you can easily connect with your customer with the help of Whatsapp Business application that is specially designed for the business purpose. 

There are many modified version of this application like GB Whatsapp and WhatsApp Plus but these types of 3rd party app have arisen a question of legality. 

In the article “How To Use WhatsApp For Business” we will focus on official Whatsapp Business application in a simple and easy way. 

You can download this application from google play store instead of downloading from 3rd party website that offers some type of application like GB Whatsapp, Aero Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus etc.

1. Use Your Landline/Mobile Number

You can use Whatsapp Business application by entering your business mobile number. If you have any specific landline number then register here, OTP will come on call. It helps you to connect with your customer digitally.

2. Create an Attractive Business Profile

Select an attractive image related to your business it may be your business logo and that should represent your business. Set profile picture simply by clicking on the setting button.

Also, write attractive lines on about section that represents your business or brand and doesn’t forget to enter your business address here. 

And also Mention working hours and website link (optional) on a business profile.

3. Organise Chats With The Help Of Labels

Arrange your specific chats with the help of labels. This helps you to arrange your customer chats by assigning different labels for instance if you want to see your new customer chat than organise new customer chat in the specific label and now you can see the total chats in one label. 

This is a very interesting feature of WhatsApp business to save your time.

You can assign a label simply by enter in the chat, click on the three-dot icon on the right side, click on the label and select your label name.

4. Use Quick Reply To Save Your Time

Quick reply option in WhatsApp business is very helpful to save your time. If your schedule is very busy and wants to save your time quick reply will help let’s understand how this quick reply work. 

For instance, you have shared some product images to many customers then many of them will ask for the price and size etc. then here it’s not easy to type a message for all them.

So, here quick reply helps you to create a message and assign a short command for that particular message.

If you assign a message ” 5k per piece” on price command then whenever you need to give the answer of the price-related question simply type price then the message will show you and now you can send it instantly.

To create a quick reply on WhatsApp business then you can follow these steps.

Step:1 Go to setting.

Stept:2 Click on Business setting.

Step:3 Then click on quick reply.

Step:4 Add quick reply by typing your reply on the message section.

Step:5 Enter shortcut word or you can also enter keyword here.

5. Auto Reply Option

This is the best feature of Whatsapp business. You can set predefined messages and when someone will contact you then your message will deliver automatically. This feature of WhatsApp business is best when you unable to answer. You can also set an attractive greeting message when a new

 contacts you.

Steps to set Auto Reply:

Step1: Go to settings.

Step2: Then click on business setting.

Step3: After that click on away message.

Step4: Now you can type your message here and schedule it.

6. Statistics In Whatsapp Business

This feature of WhatsApp Business helps you to review matrics behind the message sent. To know the metrics like how many messages were delivered and read by your customer. You can simply check statistics by clicking on the statistics option into the setting. Here you can see the message sent, the message delivered, the message read and message received.

7. Connect With PC

By the help of WhatsApp Web, you can connect your Whatsapp with your PC and now you can send and receive your message in your pc or laptop.

How Can I Download WhatsApp Business App?

This application is free and available on Google Play Store for Android users. Initially, this application was not available for iPhone user but now The iPhone version is also available and you can download iPhone version from the app store.

What Types Of Multimedia Messages User Can Send In Whatsapp Business


You can send a template message to your customer by creating your own in specific formate to engage your customer. Like you can inform your customer for product delivery update such as when will product dispatch and when the customer will receive their delivery.

Text Message

You can send a simple message to make good customer relationship and providing your product information.

Send Eye-catching Images

If you want to enhance the quality of your brand then send eye-catching images of your product and greeting.


You can interact with your customer by sending an audio file in case you are not available to WhatsApp call.

Send quotation and bill

With the help of document sharing option, you ca send quotation and bill to your customer easily with the help of WhatsApp business.


You can send your work location or live location to your customer easily.

Conclusion: Whatsapp Business is a very helpful app for small business to grow and connect with the customer. The feature of this application is also very interesting and time saving for the business owner. 

We have seen many people use 3rd party application like GB Whatsapp instead of Whatsapp Business but we recommended you that you should not use these types of application to secure your data.