What You Need To Know About Testing For Sexually Transmitted Diseases


When you are sexually active, especially with multiple partners then you are at risk of getting STIs (Sexually transmitted infections). These infections are a serious health issue and they may result in lethal diseases that may become untreatable and life-threatening if left unnoticed. Therefore, it is a very wise decision to get yourself tested for STDs.

There are several symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, especially near the mouth and private parts of the body. However, many times you may be infected with no visible symptoms, therefore, getting std testing is a better decision. 

Home Testing Vs Clinical Testing 

When it comes to taking a test for STDs, many people today prefer home testing for various reasons. Some of the reasons include,

1. Convenience 

Testing for STDs at home is very convenient. You do not have to make appointments with the clinic and follow the schedule. You can easily avoid waiting in offices to get yourself examined. You can take the test at home with much more convenience. 

2. Privacy 

Many people avoid getting themselves checked on a doctor’s table, especially when it comes to pelvic examinations. You can keep your privacy and take the time sample or other fluids from your private organs easily at home. 

3. Affordable 

Testing kits are now more readily available in the market for STDs and at a very affordable rate. You do not have to pay expensive doctor’s fees to get yourself tested. 

However, no matter how convenient these home testing kits are, the results are not reliable. You might not be able to detect the infection most times, especially when the symptoms are not visible. Therefore, you might want to get yourself tested by a reliable clinic. Clinical tests are much more thorough therefore they can be reliable as well. 

Testing For Specific Infections 

When it comes to identifying the exact infection then you should visit your nearby clinic for the tests. Tests for different infections such as 

  • gonorrhea 
  • Syphilis 
  • HPV 
  • Hepatitis 
  • HIV 
  • Chlamydia 
  • Genital herpes 

are all different. Only clinical tests can identify these different infections. If the infection is not identified properly, then you might not be able to cure it. Only after identifying the exact infection, can you take the relevant medicine. 

After Getting Positive Results 

If you have tested positive for the STDs then you should immediately tell your partner or partners in case you have been recently involved with multiple partners, so that they can take preventive measures.

You should also visit your doctor to do a complete checkup and take further tests to confirm the results. You might feel ashamed and scared at first, however, you should know that with proper care and medical attention, you can heal properly. 

Final Thoughts 

When you are sexually active with multiple partners at a time, you are at risk for STIs. You should get yourself regularly checked by a reliable clinic, whether you experience symptoms or not. With proper care and precautions, you can cure the di