What You Can Do To Fight Those Bad Links That Harm Your Site


At a black moment, you may discover that your site’s ranking in the search engines for the words you target from a period has decreased significantly. Suppose you fell prey to update what Google. So you, like any marketer, “share” .. lose your current marketing efforts .. from Content .. and SEO and programming your site .. and other factors. Including you have checked the validity of the links that refer to your site and found that there are many bad links pointing to your site and are doing great harm to it. So, Mississauga SEO company will guide you in detail about bad links.

Before deciding that you do not need to complete reading this article, you must know well that you do not have to be a person to use Black Hat SEO techniques to fall into this trap.

During your long journey it is very possible that you interacted with someone who used the Black Hat SEO or the Gray Hat SEO .. without your knowledge. It is possible that you yourself have built backlinks that appeared to be intact a while ago but you are not a good follower of Google updates.

It is possible that the Domain Name has been used before. This situation happened to me already. The biggest problem was that the domain name was used by a news site in the past! You can imagine the size of the backlinks that say this is my site … it is a news site !!

Unfair competition: Your competitor can create many Spammy Backlinks and inappropriate content that targets unwanted keywords from Google to get you into the Penalty trap. This technique is not widespread in the Arab world .. We pray to God that it not spread

Check The Quality of What You Do First

Make sure that you are creating exclusive content  useful for the segment you are targeting… make sure that you are doing your work on Social Media in a proper way and building a community that loves and trusts you..check the factors of Onsite SEO and their compatibility with search engine updates..check the technical performance of your site. Be sure to give the visitor a good User Experience .. etc.

An intuitive step that is not overlooked is linking Google Webmaster Tools to get timely alerts about any Malware that might infect your site .. or to alert you about pages that Google was unable to archive .. or technical problems with your site..etc.

Make Sure Your Content is Exclusive

You must ensure that the content posted on your site is exclusive and unparalleled on other websites. Yes, yes, I know that you do not steal the content. But there are two dilemmas that you can meet in this regard. The first .. If you run a site where many people write, for example. The second is that you have been stolen from a larger, older and more widespread site than you. Theoretically, yes, the priority is for publication date, but this is not always the case.

Backlinks Pointing To Your Site

This is the most important role. Because it is something that greatly affects your classification. It is something that you do not fully control. You can build links to your site. And others also can. The bad agency that dealt with it can do that too. Your dishonest rival can do that.

  1. There are many tools that enable you to reveal the number and health of the backlinks that indicate your site. These are free tools: Google Webmaster, SEMRush, AHrefs, OpenLinkProfile, BuzzSumo, Open Site Explorer, RankSignals, MonitorBacklinks, and majesticseo.com. Among these paid tools are the famous MOZ, SEO SpyGlass, and many others.
  2. After collecting all the links that point to your site, you must define the good links that you want to maintain and develop. For example, a link for you on the site will lead you to a good number of targeted visits . This is a strong, important and useful link .. You must take care of it and communicate with the owner The site to discuss any joint cooperation opportunities that may benefit both of you . And do so using your official mail . This is an example. Its purpose is to do what you can do to follow up on and maintain good links.
  3. After collecting all the links that point to your site, you must identify the bad links that you want to disavow or block them . You can tell Google the bad links that you want to disavow through Google Disavow backlinks or Bing Disavow Tool . I know that this tool takes time to show any result It is tangible, especially in Arabic content … but it is the only way available for you now to tell Google about that.
  4. You can also communicate with sites that contain these harmful links. They are also human and you can talk to them if you reach them. You can use whois.com and other sites to find out who owns the site just try.
  5. The best way to defend is to attack … and this is my belief from my personal experience, your best option and guarantee them. I will not laugh at you. This is something that requires a great effort but it is a guaranteed thing .. you must – in front of every bad link – that you try to build strong content. And sound ties .. and good relations and you will be safe with time. It happened to me as I said before .. and this was the way it paid off with me.
  6. You can tell the search engines directly by filling out a form explaining the situation briefly, whether on Google from here or on bing from here. The good thing is that Google is aware of what is happening and promised to take more effective measures to confront these links, especially after declaring that it knows very well that There are some people who are affected by these ties without guilt .. whether those who fall prey to dishonest competition or a dishonourable agency also.. or other reasons.

Do Not Make These Naive Mistakes

  • Do not point to bad sites … even if they do not re-signal.
  • Do not buy links from anyone who came from them .. Do not purchase fake accounts.
  • Do not make any comments Spam in blogs .. Google is severely punished!
  • Do not build hostility on the Internet. Support your strong relationships with those around you.
  • Do not neglect the backlinks for you… follow them constantly in any way available to you.

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