What is the smallest electric skateboard?



Carbon fiber deck, premium to look at and extremely well made. Unlike all small boards, there is not much flex here, so the backfire uses a padded grip tape to give you some respite from the vibrations you get when you go over uneven surfaces.

Including a cut-out at the top of the backfire, the deck makes it extremely easy for you to access the key components of the board, enabling you to loosen the battery ESE and wires. It is possible to carry an extra battery with you which extends the range, but I would not say that it was quick and easy to do because you have to open 8 screws for it.

Exway Wave

The Boosted Small S is one of two small electric motorized longboards released in 2018. Many features are the same as being a bit cheaper than the Boosted Mini X, so if you are willing to spend, it comes down to using a choice. Extra 250.

Due to the small battery in the boosted small S, you can legally take it with you on the flight.

With a 7 mile range, it’s not going to win any prizes. When you consider the cost of the board it was undoubtedly a lack of one of the improved departments. But with a shorter call, you can imagine that this makes it much harder to fit between both the ESC and the battery pack.

Top speed comes in at 18mph. Some people may want more, but because of the small deck, the ride is a little more twisted than the variety of longboards.


When Mipo Chhota was released, it was in direct competition with Boosted Chhota. It didn’t take long for people to understand the build quality compared to the price, Mipo Small Boosted is coming cheaper than the equivalent.

Overall it’s a fantastic board and really nice ride. It has a nice surge and breaks curve. But it is strong enough that it can protect you if you are not ready for acceleration.

What to consider when choosing an urban small electric skateboard?

Battery: On smaller boards, you won’t have enough space for a larger battery, so it’s a given that your range probably won’t be the best. Make sure to buy a board with an efficient and high-quality battery

Weight: An urban small e-board should not only be small but light. The weight of the e-skateboard varies depending on the size of the battery, motor, deck, truck, and wheels. To get an incredible overview of the different e-board models and their weights you should check out my comparison table on the weight of your best electric skateboard.

Maximum speed

Your eyes may already be staring at the top speed specification, and that’s right, it’s incredibly fast. Meepo is not only the smallest fastest electric skateboard, it is also one of the fastest producing electric skateboards.

Do I think most people will use top and speed? No! 28 miles an hour on a longboard is more than enough speed, leave alone in a smaller version. This is because you are more prone to speed wobbles, and the general balance is significantly reduced with smaller decks. So nice to know you can travel with this speed, but I don’t see anyone really using it.


The 11-mile range is exactly where you need it.

Keep in mind that these range numbers are made under ideal conditions, and for example, when you are riding up a hill with a backpack the real world will change drastically. In my experience on average, you will see about 7 to 8 miles.


You have a total of 1080w in your hand, more than enough power to help you push on any mountain that you will actually encounter on any ride. Nice to know you have that ability and waiting. There are some battery sags as your battery life almost starts to run out, but you still have enough power to get close even if you hit 20% below the battery.


My conclusion about the best mini electric skateboard is that there has never been a better time to get it. Almost every electric skateboarding company is releasing mini versions of their already widely popular longboard variants.

YouTubers hold the limelight as usual for a number of reasons, including pushing their products online.

This is mainly due to the type of wheels you can put on the board due to the belt-driven motors.

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