What is the Difference between Oval Gear Flow Meter and Regular Meter?


In most processing units and factories, a flow meter is installed to measure the flow of liquid, oil, steam, or gas passing through a pipeline. In most cases, technical experts install flow meters by ascertaining the requirements of an industry.

In other words, a factory cannot establish a liquid flow meter when there is a need for a high-quality gas flow meter to measure the type of gas that flows through the pipeline. Hence, the first point you ask is whether you need a flow meter or not. A regular flow meter is enough per industry standards if your factory processes do not require highly accurate reading. 

It is generally seen that you can install a simple flow meter that shows an accuracy of 5% approximately if for your specific case. However, for more accurate reporting and measurement of flow, you may need to go for a turbine flow meter that gives +-0.5% to +-0.1% accuracy.

It is noteworthy that while the simple flow meter is low-priced, the turbine flow meter is higher in value. However, for getting the best results and accuracy, you need a Coriolis mass flowmeter which is very expensive but worth it. 

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Why Should You Purchase a Flow Meter?

The first question is the basic one that you need to answer before purchasing a flow meter. A flow meter is installed to measure the right amount of fluid, gas, steam, or liquid that passes through the pipes. The meter measures the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow of the above elements. Any anomalies in the flow are calculated and recorded by the Paperless Recorder so that the management can make decisions accordingly.

The fluid flow through a pipe operates under a range of pressures and as per the temperatures inside it. Hence, there is a need for accurate measurement for both pressure and temperature. With the help of the data collected, an engineer can know the presence of abrasives, transmission qualities, and flow velocity. It also keeps the workforce safe as the anomalies in the flow are controlled or regulated.

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Oval Gear Flow Meter for High Viscosity Fluids

If you are the manager of a factory where there is a continuous flow of high-viscosity fluids through the pipelines, you need to install an Oval gear flow meter known for its high accuracy. The oval gear meters are displacement-type meters that measure volumes in individual chambers. 

These meters are mainly used in high-viscosity liquids like fuels, oils, syrups, etc. It is bulky and durable, has good repeatability, and is best for heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin, and can give very accurate readings. 

You do not need a highly accurate measurement with a simple Flow Meter as they deal with low viscosity elements. Simple regular meters are installed at lesser risky processes and therefore do not harm the health of the workforce and environment.

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