What Experts Are Saying About 6 Monitor Setups?


Are you wondering how to maximize your 6 monitor setup? Getting the most out of your equipment is actually a finely tuned balance to suit your needs and goals. Of course, there are experts who review the computers that support a multi-monitor installation. In fact, you can view more about these devices if you wish. Although, here we’ll describe some highlights to get you started.

The Main Themes for the Best 6 Monitor Setup

  • Find your ideal multi-monitor setup for your needs
  • Get the right equipment to support a 6 monitor setup
  • Install the apps to get the most out of your multi-monitor setup
  • Create your awesome space

The Ideal Multi-Monitor Setup

Before you even decide how many monitors you want to work with, you’ll need to work out what you need them for. This might sound like an obvious point but it’s so easy to rush into buying exciting equipment without planning ahead. You can even consider starting with two monitors and building up from there to your 6 monitors. This allows you to get used to working with multiple monitors and to manage your cash flow.

To give you some idea though, most people who use a 6 monitor setup tend to either be professionals or traders and gamers. Whilst professionals benefit from increased productivity when using a multi-monitor setup, traders and gamers specifically look for the improved speed and reliability that 6 monitors provide. In fact, those devices that support a multi-monitor setup tend to have high processing power such that graphics and data can be quickly updated.

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The Right Equipment for a 6 Monitor Setup

Any expert will soon tell you that it’s all about getting the right equipment. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting the top-of-the-range specification but finding the right approach for you. Have a look at the following details to guide you:

  • RAM and processor
  • Graphics Cards
  • Monitors and Cables
  • Power supply

RAM and Processor

In order to deal with multiple monitors, your laptop or desktop needs to have sufficient RAM and processing power to support them. Many suggest that 8GB should be enough RAM but as someone who likes to push their device to the maximum, 16GB is definitely easier to deal with. You’ll then be able to have more things open alongside your browser and its multiple tabs.

When it comes to processors, many experts put Intel at the top of the range. Either way, look for a quad-core processor because this means that it can separate out the work it’s doing to save itself some power. It’s essentially doing work simultaneously in order to be more efficient.

Graphics Cards

Most computers come with an integrated graphics card. Nevertheless, if you’re a gamer then you might want to consider building your own computer. You’d essentially be designing your motherboard with the exact specifications of each component that you want. This would include choosing your graphics card and most experts would suggest going for the Radeon brand. They seem to have the best price versus performance offering.

Monitors and Cables

Once you’ve chosen your laptop or desktop then the cables follow according to your DisplayPort outlets and inlets. The common ones are VGA, HDMI, DVI, and USB. The other extra thing you might want to include when buying cables are cable ties and trays and anything else to help you tuck them away.

Power Supply

Clearly, you’ll don’t need to power your 6 monitor setup regardless of whether you use Mac or Windows 10. Having insufficient power can cause you problems including jumpy screen displays or even a monitor that switches itself off. You should therefore ensure that you check your computer’s capacity or Power Supply Unit (PSU). This basically means having the right video card power. As a rule of thumb, a 700W PSU should be enough but you’ll need to check this against the GPU power you have.

The Best Apps

A 6 monitor setup has many advantages but you also need to be careful to not get overwhelmed by the excess information. Make sure you plan your space properly depending on which programs you’re working on and in which order. It’s actually amazingly easy to lose your cursor, for example. This is why apps like DisplayFusion were created. They’ll provide you with some great shortcuts to make your life easier.

Your Awesome Space

Another piece of advice from the experts is to make space work for you. Make sure you’ve set up the perfect ergonomics with your monitors and computer at the optimum distance. You might also want to install the right lighting to support either your work or your entertainment. For example, you could switch to more ambient lighting when you transform your 6 monitor setup into your mini cinema screen in the evening.

Final Thoughts on a 6 Monitor Setup

The best advice when using a multi-monitor setup is to first start with reviewing what you’re going to use it with. Depending on how important speed and graphics are compared to price will give you a good place to start. Then, it’s really about getting the space and comfort that supports you throughout your day whether that’s work or play.