What are some strategies to improve your push notification opt-in rate?


The usage of mobile applications is increasing exponentially every year with an average consumer using 32 applications every day. There is an exponential increase in the number of users accessing the website as well. Considering this trend, it is becoming significant to stand out from the crowd and craft push notifications that your users value.

Push notifications have proven to be one of the effective marketing techniques to communicate with the audience. However, you cannot send push notifications to your users, they must opt-in for your messages first.

Opt-in or subscription rates implies the percentage of visitors who subscribe to your web or mobile push notifications. Users who opt-in to receive your push notifications are more likely won’t be engaging with your site and to be retained than users who choose to opt-out of your messages.

Improving the rates of users who subscribe to your push messages is one among the important goals which mean more users will receive your messages. You can engage them, improve conversions, and finally increase the sales and revenue of your business.

Why must your users opt-in for your push notifications

 In order for your users to receive continuous messages from you as a brand, they must opt-in or in other words choose to receive messages from you. Users choose to choose to receive your push notifications once they understand the value they would gain from it. Hence, it is important for you to clearly define the nature of notifications you are planning to deliver the significance of it for your customers.

You can specify it in the opt-in message itself. For example, tell them they can know about your specific offers or get relevant updates of their favorite shows on a daily basis if they opt-in your push notifications.

These techniques work better instead of simply asking your users to choose to receive your messages without any specific context. Why should your users trust your website they came across for the first time.

Therefore, it is significant to specify your intentions in a clear manner, let them in advance that you won’t bother them with irrelevant messages, and clearly define the value offered by your push notifications. This way, they will most likely opt-in for your messages.

Strategies to improve the opt-in rate of your push notifications

 Considering the power of push messages, you can keep your users interested and engage and make sure they keep returning to your site. A higher subscription rate for your push notifications leads to successful conversions for your business goals. With the right techniques in place, you can improve your push notification opt-in rate to a higher degree.

Here are a few powerful techniques to increase the subscription rates of your push messages.

Offer a clear value proposition

 As we have already discussed earlier, it is important to let your users know why they must choose to receive your push messages. Providing a clear value proposition is always helpful to improve your opt-ins. The value your push messages provide is one of the factors that contribute to the acceptance of your customers to get your push messages.

When they know they will get incredible value and useful information by subscribing to your notifications, they will mostly be interested in the push notifications you send. You can add rich media like images, videos, or gif with step-step guidance on how to choose to receive your push messages.

Even after your users come back to your site or app, follow up again and remind them of these benefits. Guide your users through the key functionality of your site and talk about the benefits of your push messages before asking them to subscribe.

Timing the opt-in request right

 The timing of sending the push notifications is as important as the push notifications itself.

Asking for permissions at the wrong time can frustrate the users and even lead them to not subscribing to your messages.

In many cases, brands straightway ask your users to opt-in to their push messages immediately during their first-time visit to the website which can cause them to click “block”.

Instead, allow your users to go through your site before asking your users to accept the subscription request of your push messages. Give them some time and allow them to explore the site in detail so that they know what they might be getting if they opt-in for your messages.


Transparency is one of the major factors you need to focus on if you want to improve opt-in for push notification. Users mostly won’t like to deal with a hefty barrage of irrelevant messages from the brand all over their screen. The right strategy to avoid this scenario to make the message you deliver to your users transparently.

If your customers understand the value of your site and trust your brand they would be open to receive notifications. Outline a detailed process that explains the type of notifications you would be sending and leverage the user data to craft messages relevant to your users.

It is also important to let your customers know you won’t be bothering them with irrelevant messages.

Customize the opt-in

When trying to improve opt-in for push notifications, you must focus on creating efficient ways for customers to select the type of notifications to receive. For example, promotions, sales, product categories, common alerts, etc.

While some push opt-in messages are customizable, iOS push opt-in messages are not customizable. In that case, you can trigger a pop-up window before displaying the opt-in screen to communicate the value of push notification that will be available for customization.

By displaying the opt-in message appear a few pages into the site, users can utilize the time to become more comfortable with your brand before you ask permission to subscribe. Choose to delay the opt-in messages to increase the push notification opt-in rate.

Personalize the message

 By using a push notification service, you can customize the messages with more rich and engaging messages than standard text push messages. For example, you can use an efficient service like Pushmaze to communicate more information to the users through rich media like audio, video, GIF, images delivered to the user’s browsers.

This helps users to receive an entertaining and interactive experience and brands can communicate customized messages that are consistent with their branding.

The length of the message

When you want to increase your push notification opt-in rate, never try to experiment with long-form content. Yes, it works great when you are sending messages about your brand and offerings, but are not great for opt-in messages.

Optimizing the length is an important factor to see success with your push opt-in messages. Your users would be frustrated if they use their phone with rambling messages all the time. When it comes to the length, there is no right length for push messages but it is always recommended to keep your messages short.

Additionally, frontload the significant part of the message so that it attracts all the user attention. Finally, test it on the devices that the majority of your users use. Design your push notifications in bite-sized messages with high-quality content to keep them engaged.

The tone of your push notifications

Even a bit of personalization can do wonders to increase your push notification opt-in rates. If the context is relevant, your users would be more engaged and more willing to choose to receive your push notifications.

Add in some humor to your content to impress your users and give the feel they are receiving a message from someone they are familiar with. Adding emojis are one of the best ways to highlight your push messages to stand out than others and would help to boost opt-in and click through rates.

 Promote the advantages

When trying to improve opt-in for push notification, you can leverage other communication channels to promote the advantages of subscribing to your push messages. The benefits can be exclusive discounts, latest trends, and information, or quick updates.

When you give to build the right anticipation and give the best context, you will see an increase in pugs notification subscriptions.

You can also attach links within other commutation channels for your users to reach the subscription landing page. Social media platforms, emails, newsletters, etc are some of the channels you can leverage to bring in traffic to your landing page.


Improving your push notification opt-in rate is an important step to drive customer attention and engagement. As long as you remain genuine to your users with your push notifications, you can surprisingly see the surge of push notification subscriptions.

Create your notifications in such a way to compel your customers to take appropriate action. Hope these powerful strategies help you to improve the opt-in of your push notifications. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the benefits of push notifications to its fullest.