Watch Icon Series: 4 Top Of The Line Timepieces By Tommy Hilfiger


As one of the best brands in the fashion sector, Tommy Hilfiger earned a name for itself. Mode aficionados notably like that in all their items they maintain quality, in particular in what they are recognized for their garments and accessories. The business chose to expand its products and touch the watchmaker business on account of its tremendous popularity.

Tommy Hilfiger has launched its watch line in cooperation with the Movado Group, a firm producing and distributing high-quality technology for watches. Naturally, this upset the whole watchmaker and mode sector. This is because the stylishness of Hilfiger and the excellence of Movado in all its chronographs might combine with Tommy Hilfiger’s timepieces.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Collection: Men’s Casual Sports Slim Blue Strap Watch Model (1791328)

This Tommy Hilfiger watch is a picturesque red and dark blue collection, which is all new. So if you adore their brand, take this watch. It has a 40mm diameter ring box in stainless steel. In addition, its dial is a crystal-resistant sapphire, and its back is robust. The belt is red and blue with a leather back in two tones.

The dial comes in a bright white hue that has a simple subject to accent the famous two-tone canvas belt. However, it only contains the sixth and twelfth-hour index written in blue Arabic numerals with Silver-Tone stick indexes. In addition, her hands are blue in the shape of a sword. This is perfect for those who love outdoor sports and activities.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Collection: Men’s Cool Sport Quartz Watch with Silicone Strap Black 46MM Watch Model (1791352)

The all-black watch is a symbol of modernism and refinement, as can be seen in the detail. This watch will certainly delight any black lover. It contains a circular casing of 46 mm diameter of black stainless steel and ceramic material. Besides, its dial is a crystal of sapphire and its back is closed. The strip is a black shade silicone substance.

With respect to the dial, it features one of the most well-placed graphics similar to a high-tech device. In addition, it boasts flashing indexes and sword-shaped skeletal hands of silver tone. Moreover, there are two subdials at the left bottom and a date dial at the center top. Like the one at the top, this is also perfect for outdoor sports and activities.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Collection: Men’s Quartz Watch Analog Display and Leather Strap 40MM Model  (1791329)

This watch is next on the list for individuals who prefer to leave the box and explore top designs. It sports a 40mm diameter silver stainless steel circular case. Furthermore, the sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant to a closed-back dial. The tape is manufactured with a leather back of 2-tone gray and Black canvas.

The theme that the dial intended to pursue is minimalist. The black on the canvas band fits in a shiny black hue. The indexes are silver, and the only indices in Arabic number are the sixth and 12th hour. This masterwork also has the hands of silver in the shape of a sword.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Collection: The Decker Decker Blue Stainless Steel Men’s Watch 45MM Model (1791560)

With its sleek, black magnificence, this Tommy Hilfiger’s watch is for you if you are a lover of hefty timepieces. It sports a black spherical casing of ionized stainless steel with a diameter of 45mm. The sapphire crystal for a dial is scratch-proof while the rear of the cup is firm. The band of this masterpiece is likewise in black with stainless steel material.

The dial is also available in black with a textured design, thereby completing the current aesthetic that the watch is looking for. It is equipped with bright black stick indices and hands with the form of a sword. The lower portion of the chronograph is occupied by three subdials. This watch is perfect for all occasions as you can easily match it with any wardrobe.


If you wish to invest in luxury brands, especially in luxury watches, here is a suggestion: Not everything which identifies a product is aesthetics. As long as aesthetics are required since watches are expressions of mode, it would be best if you also were concerned about quality. This is because quality is one of the factors for a trustworthy time-tested watch.

As a result, Tommy Hilfiger watches are a good investment. Because they are first and foremost a fashion company, this brand places a high value on the aesthetics of its models. But, more significantly, they ensure that you have access to the industry’s greatest technology, which is not weaker compared to the appearance of your watch.