VoIP vs. Non VoIP


VoIP telephony has been incredibly useful, not only in a commercial aspect but in a personal too. For quite a long time, businesses and internet users have been adopting this phone service as a technological alternative to their regular one, due to the low costs and business benefits it brings. Let’s dig a little deeper into this subject.

When thinking about regular phone systems, landlines and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connections come to mind. Not only are they expensive but also require bunch of time for installation and maintenance, which is why some modern business phone systems use Voice over Internet Protocol telephony instead.

Traditional phones operate on a signal technology that requires copper wiring to make and receive calls. In contrast, VoIP telephony converts the same into digital signals that are transmitted directly over the internet. There is literally no need to elaborate technical setup, pay a monthly fee or expensive hardware for installation, just good internet connection is enough. 

It supports a wide range of features such as voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling and auto attendant. Another amazing feature of VoIP systems is that they also enable virtual numbers, which can be easily accessed using multiple internet-reliant devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. There are two types of virtual phone numbers: Fixed and Non Fixed

Fixed VoIP Numbers

They are internet-based phones associated to a specific location, much similar to a traditional landline. The installation does not come cheap; setting up a system of this kind needs expensive equipment apart from calling charges. These numbers are suitable for long-term stable businesses and are easy to access emergency services with faster response times. 

Non Fixed VoIP Numbers

They are not tied to any physical address, which is why they can be used from multiple locations provided an Internet connection is available. Their essence relays on the fact that they are less expensive than their counterparts; costs may be easier to control with a one-size-fits-all approach, especially for small and growing businesses that only need simple services or just for internet users who only seek to bypass account phone verification. 

Now, even though both types of numbers connect phones through the internet, the decision of which one is better than the other depends on the type of service one requires. However, there are major differences between them both that businesses and internet users must take under consideration before choosing either one of them:

  • SECURITY – Fixed VoIP numbers are usually traceable. Spammers tend to use Non VoIP numbers instead to hide the location they are calling from. Fraudsters also tend to use these numbers too under the purpose of ordering online with a stolen or cloned credit card. 
  • INTERNATIONAL ACCESS – as said before, Non VoIP numbers can be used from any part of the world as they are not attached to a specific location, as opposed to Fixed VoIP numbers that are more restricted in international usage as they add additional charges
  • EMERGENCY CALLS – Non VoIP numbers can have unreliable caller-id information. Emergency services tend to be unsure of where the call is originating from and from whom; they must confirm the address before sending help. Since these numbers aren’t tied to a physical location, it becomes harder to ask for help. In this sense, Fixed VoIP numbers are a better option.
  • AUTHENTICITY OF SERVICE – Fixed VoIP systems tend to be more authentic and reliable to use in comparison to Non VoIP. When installing a Fixed VoIP system, a top tier security is offered with stringent safety measures and security protocols in place to secure calls. On the other hand, Non VoIP systems offer no such features and security services; calls can be freely made over the internet with any device that supports VoIP calling.
  • QUALITY OF SERVICES – VoIP providers not only allow their customers to make phone calls over the internet, but to also send and receive different types of content like sms, mms and virtual faxing. Due to robust security features of Fixed VoIP numbers, sharing information is safe and convenient; Non VoIP numbers are generally free or inexpensive and offer basic services. Even though Fixed VoIP numbers are expensive, they are very recommended for professional businesses.
  • COST OF SERVICES – Fixed VoIP services offer on-premise calling and are expensive to install since they require VoIP-enabled devices and must be registered to a specific location. Non VoIP services are easily accessible and free to install.

Still very hard to decide, isn’t it? If we look at the above objectively, there is nothing more important than money and time when moving inside the network. For this reason, there are benefits that only Non VoIP numbers offer such as the possibility to use services like Google Voice and Skype at very low prices just to make calls, as well as a quick signup to get them. These virtual numbers are mostly used for personal purposes, especially to verify accounts on different platforms through a phone number.

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