Use These Attractive Apps To Achieve Your Objectives In This Year


As an entrepreneur, you have big goals to achieve. After all, it’s the only reason why you started your own business. However, you need to acknowledge the difference between having objectives and achieving them. Technology can prove to be exceptionally useful for this purpose. Even your smartphone can help you achieve business objectives. Here you will learn a few such apps that will let you take one step forward.

Every business owner understands the importance of setting and adhering to goals and objectives. These two things hold you accountable. They tell you what you want and propel you forward. Some people strive to start a new project while others try to spend more time at home. Some folks attempt to launch new products while others struggle to lose fat. Millions of people all over the world set goals but fail to set a deadline or track their progress. A few even fail to achieve any of those objectives.

However, integrating your goals into your digital life is quite an easy way to keep them in mind and bolster your motivation. Indeed, some apps allow you to make your objectives public. In doing so, you will hold yourself accountable while garnering support from your family and friends.

Tips to set goals

You may be one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who have ideas but don’t have goals. Before anything else, you need to set objectives. Otherwise, the apps that you will learn about later won’t be of any use to you. Here are a few tips about setting goals.

    • Being realistic: First of all, you should set realistic objectives. It means your goals should be achievable. If they are too difficult for you, then you will end up disheartened and disappointed.
    • Use data: Secondly, you should set your goals based on data. While you don’t need to be too calculative, you shouldn’t conjure objectives out of thin air.
    • Seek help: Thirdly, you mustn’t hesitate to ask for help whenever necessary. It’s beneficial to let everybody know about your goals. In doing so, they will be able to encourage you, hold you accountable, and support you as you move forward.

A few apps to help you set goals and achieve them

1. Objective: The designers of one of the best small business billing apps say that Objectively prides itself in aiding users to manage their objectives and goals in real-time. It doesn’t let you manage a “things to do” list. It has three components; goals, objectives, and milestones. These components help you strive to achieve the outcomes that matter to you the most.

  • Special features – According to the makers of an invoice app for small businesses, it allows you to share things with your team members. It’s an easy-to-use web-based program that lets you view your goals as a list. It also has hierarchy or map formats and you can add files or attachments.

2. Moon Invoice: It’s an award-winning Billing Application for Small Business and it’s probably the best one that you’ll find in the market right now. Moon Invoice lets you reach your goals and achievements about receiving payments for your products and services from your clients. It’s available for Android and iOS smartphones. You can also use it on your Windows and Apple PCs.

  • Special features – This small business billing app comes with a plethora of features. These include sending invoices, payments, and estimates. You can also use it to track your time and expenses. Furthermore, it possesses the mobile syncing feature and it can generate reports and insights regarding business deals.

3. Lifetick: This app lets you integrate personal core values into goal setting. The creators of this goal-setting software program believe in identifying your core values. These are the aspects that define you as a person. The app helps you understand the importance of having a goal. After considering the core values that you harbor, Lifetick allows you to relate all your goals to respective core values and assign priority levels.

  • Special features – It comes with an integrated calendar function and has a colorful and highly usable interface. It also has a customizable status dashboard, charts, and reporting systems.

4. 42Goals: The founders of the Billing Application for Small Business mentioned earlier are in favor of 42Goals. It’s quite a simple goal-setting software program that allows you to track daily goals and log everyday activities. 42Goals lets you work towards your objectives instead of thinking, counting, and remembering your tasks.

  • Special features – It has icons to let you customize the tracking system. It also has templates for one-click goal-setting and a stopwatch/timer.

5. GoalsOnTrack: This particular app presents itself as a goal-management and personal achievement software program. GoalsOnTrack, unlike the other apps described on this list, provides you with a detailed format to help you set SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, manageable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

  • Special features – You can attach motivational pictures to each goal, sample goal templates with comprehensive and customizable action plans. You can also sync data with your favorite calendar tool, whether it’s Google Calendar, Outlook, or 3D Charts.

The takeaway: StickK

One last goal-setting app that you can look into is the StickK. Academic researchers from Yale support it as well as the designers of the best invoice app for small businesses. It works on two well-known principles of behavioral economics. The first one concerns people who don’t always do what they claim to. The second one is about incentives that motivate people to do different things. It will engage you by creating a contract of commitment. It motivates its users to achieve their objectives.