Keep Your Smartphones Aside And Try This Interesting Offline Game!


Green glass door game is a versatile game based on logical thinking. It is usually played in classrooms, at parties, or as a drinking game. You don’t need any resources to play this game which makes it even more popular. The game requires at least three people to play but there is no upper limit to the number of people who can play the game together.

How is the game played?

The green glass door game is very simple and interesting. Start by announcing that you are going to begin the game. The leader will tell all the players that he is going to take some object through the green door and others must do the same. The main objective of the game is what can be brought through the green door and what can’t.

For example, the person starting the game says, “I can bring a mouse through the door, but I cannot bring a dog.

The key here is that the object that can pass through the green door must end with the letter, ‘e’. The players need to figure this out and follow the lead. The person who commits an error and does not take an object ending with ‘e’ has to face the consequences

The consequences may vary according to the situation and the age group of the people playing the game.

  • At a party, people can be asked to fulfill a certain task.
  • In a classroom, the player may be eliminated from the game.
  • At a drinking party, the player may be asked to down his drink.

The consequences can vary according to the choice of the players and are decided in advance. In case the players have already figured out the pattern of the game, the leader can ask them to give an example, rather than naming an object. The variations are endless!

What are the benefits of playing the Green glass door game?

The Green glass door game is very popular among people due to many reasons. Some major advantages of this game are:

  • No resources, board, or equipment are required to play this game. You can play it anytime, anywhere for as long as you want.
  • The game enhances your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. The players are required to follow the lead given by the other player and come up with a similar example quickly.
  • As you play the game frequently your logical reasoning skills are automatically enhanced and your mind starts functioning similarly in other situations as well. The results are thus visible in your workplace, school, etc.
  • Age is not a barrier in this game. It can be played by young kids or senior citizens who have leisure time on their hands. You can play it while travelling long distances to kill boredom. The rules of the game can be changed to suit the age group of the players. 

Green glass door game is the perfect way of spending time with family and friends.