How To Turn Your Translation Skills Into A New Career


As more businesses shift their focus towards globalization, the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale, the demand for professional translations is constantly rising. As are the needs for persuasive content writers.  

Multilingual Content

A global market is a competitive place, therefore you have to make your presence felt. In order to hold ground in a new market, you must establish your business as an authority. This makes an impact on how your new audience perceives you and your business. Also, it can significantly boost your search engine rankings. This has resulted in many companies reaching out to multilingual content writers so they can present their content to their diverse audience – increasing the demand for skilled writers who are fluent in two or more languages.

Career Opportunities For Professional Translator

How To Become A Multilingual Content Writer

If you are already pursuing a career as a translator, then you are accustomed to dealing with languages. With that, you are also used to delivering multilingual content on an array of subjects. Hence, it would not be too far of a stretch to become a bilingual content writer. Plus there are various benefits in doing so – 1) it can become an additional source of income, 2) offer a change from your daily work-life routine. To give you a general idea, you can visit Glassdoor which states that the average base pay for a content writer in the United Kingdom is £22,031 per annum.

If this has you intrigued, and you believe that content writing is something you would like to add to your resume. Then continue reading to discover your first steps to a new stream of income.

First Steps To A New Beginning

Do not expect a big payday when you initially start your content writing career. When you receive your initial few jobs your pay will not be substantial. Primarily due to two main reasons:

  1. They are testing your writing abilities
  2. You have yet to develop your online credentials
  3. financial translation services

When applying for new job opportunities make sure you list links to articles you may have written on your blog or may have stored on your computer. This allows you to showcase your writing capabilities to their best level. 

If you are still confused about where to start then freelancing websites is a good starting point. Upwork and Fiverr are two such sites where many clients come to look for multilingual writers. Therefore, it may be worth your while to set up quick profiles for your first initial jobs. Again, the pay rate may not be what you may be expecting, however, once you can prove client satisfaction you can also increase your rate.

Also, if you are already employed by a translation agency ensure that you utilize that connection as well. As they are already familiar with your work ethic you will not have to prove your worth and could achieve a boost in your work rate. But remember, when working online reputation is everything! In addition to your workplace, try reaching out to any clients you directly deal with – who knows who may need a pair of fresh eyes for their content. And it’s always working to a familiar and friendly face.

Experience Matters

The more you write, the more experience you gain. With this, you establish a reputation for yourself – allowing you to increase your rates and also become more conscious about the work you select or apply for. Just ensure that you always ask for client feedback and testimonials – preferably in various languages so when the time comes you can exhibit your multilingual capabilities. This will also help back up any claims you make on new job applications.

The Final Say 

Content writing can be a delightful career choice if you know how to play your cards right. Since you already speak multiple languages, you are already holding a winning hand. Just like any job the ultimate goal is to find a job that pays well, and in today’s pandemic driven environment who would mind some extra cash? However, aside from the money factor,  you want to work with clients who are loyal and will stream your work regularly. Plus it’s not a bad deal you’re getting a content writer and a translator in one-go. 

About Us

What is better than having access to more than 300 languages? Being able to access it all under one roof. Established in 2009, SEAtongue has quickly outranked its peers to become Asia’s leading translation and localization service provider. 

We excel at bridging the communication gap between Asian regions by providing all in-country native linguistic experts who can input more than words into your project. As they are all native speakers they have the ability to capture every, small or big, nuance of your desired language.

Our previous clients include Pfizer, Google, Honda among others, however, it’s not just our knowledge of the language industry that keeps our clients coming back to us time and time again. We offer our clients:

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  • A Project Manager – with each project we assign a Project Manager, who will not only oversee your project but will ensure that no decision is made without your approval.
  • Experience – we have more than a decade worth of experience to talk for us.
  • Services – besides our star translation and localization services, you will have access to the following services as well:
    • Multilingual DTP
    • Testing 
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