Top 15 Real Estate Agencies in Dubai 2022-23


Real estate transactions in the UAE have increased 10%, with around 10,243 dealings overall. In addition, people are inclined to invest in property business because of the 2.2% rise in the country’s GDP. It demonstrates that the property market in the country is enhancing, and so is the business real estate agency. Here know the top 15 real estate companies in Dubai to consider for the year 2022-23. 

List of Top 15 Real Estate Companies in Dubai 2022-23

If you are looking for a property in Dubai, one of the best ways to find the perfect home is to speak with the best real estate company. Real estate companies are professionals who specialize in the sale, purchase, and rental of properties. They have extensive knowledge about properties in different areas and can help you find your dream home.

Many real estate companies in Dubai offer services such as property management, project management, sales, and marketing. So you need to pick the most reliable company with experience in this field.

MIVA Real estate 

MIVA is a prominent real estate agency in Dubai. They also have highly-experienced teams in the UAE. MIVA give a proper range of real estate services like renting, leasing, selling, and purchasing residential and commercial properties in the Dubai emirate; they have the vision to be the global leader in real estate services and set the standard for excellence.

MIVA Real Estate has a reputation for satisfying the most demanding property needs of investors, companies, and individuals. This reputation has been built by their ability to create tailored solutions that minimize risk and maximize the value for every client. They are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to be the best in the UAE market.

Dubai Properties 

Dubai Properties is a leading real estate master evolver in the UAE and is liable for forming some of Dubai’s very popular real estate spots. Playing a prime part in conducting the successful evolvement and expansion of one of the very crucial sectors in the economy, the company is dedicated to making residential evolvements in Dubai that give different residential real estate sectors.


Real estate is a business of people and rapports. Elysian has functioned hard over the 15 years to form a brand and a corporation synonymous with trust, success, and trust. They are leading brokers in the Middle East and have reached the province’s most comprehensive reference of global properties.

DAMAC Properties 

For more than a decade, the prosperous and various real estate holding of DAMAC Properties has been at the vanguard of the Middle East’s deluxe real estate market. With an ongoing fondness and quality, the corporation has formed a standing for making a few of the very popular and alluring properties in the United Arab Emirates. As a prime player in the market, DAMAC Properties has merged points with a few of the very popular fashion and lifestyle brands across the globe to get new and compelling residences through to the market.

Banke International Properties 

Banke International is a complete-service real estate agency led by seasoned experts with knowledge of the real estate market of the UAE. Centered on virtue, invention, and high-touch client services, Banke International gives an uncompromising commitment to its customers. The company’s service offering comprises Residential and commercial sales, property management, Project sales and Marketing, Commercial Leasing, and Property consultancy.

Distinguished Real Estate

Distinguished Real Estate was formed in 2003, a locally owned by one of the major family partners in the country. A self-owned property management services, a developer of top buildings for commercial and residential objectives, and handled all their other properties like warehouses and Villas.

Property Shop Investment

Property Shop Investment is one of the quickest development real estate companies in the UAE. PSI gives a complete array of real estate solutions like leasing, selling, property management, and property assessments for commercial and residential properties. PSI comprehends the client’s requirements and provides the most useful solution.

ALAK Real Estate Brokers

ALAK Real Estate Brokers is a real estate brokerage and consulting company located in Dubai. ALAK has been in business with a concentrated approach and method established by its leaders in the real estate market of Dubai.

The company is handled by top real estate brokers who have years of high status in management consulting companies with remarkable vulnerability to the real estate sector in the UAE. Management of your property targets is of the highest significance for ALAK real estate.

Dacha Real Estate

Dacha has since developed to become one of the prime and reliable real estate companies in the Dubai emirate. With a concentration on giving a great quality service that places the requirements of the client above anything else., Dacha handled to sustain its success even after the Dubai property bubble burst. With the purpose of giving a one-stop solution for all their client’s needs in real estate.

Espace Real Estate  

Espace real estate brokers have been operating since 2015. In addition, Espace possesses the Best Brokerage award of 2015 in Dubai. Moreover, with a staff of 70 professionals, they have 52 brokers. They are a conventional UK-standard company best real estate consultants in the Dubai emirate. Their experience durations are over 13 years.

Peace Homes Real Estate 

Peach homes give a full range of real estate services like renting, leasing, selling, and purchasing residential and commercial properties in the Dubai emirate. As per the Dubai Land Department, they are authorized one of the best real estate brokers in Dubai. In addition, they have been working for over 2 years.

Harbor Real Estate 

Harbor Real Estate gives its clients comprehensive real estate services and real property resolutions throughout the United Arab Emirates. Also, the Harbor professionals have more than 12 years of experience in the real estate market and have 22 veteran brokers with extreme real estate knowledge.

FAM Real Estate 

FAM Real Estate has committed property consultants who include all the regions in the Dubai emirate. Apart from serving with an experience of more than 12 years, their 60 brokers understand all about the real estate market. In addition, they can speak multiple languages to deal with their clients.

Square Yards Real Estate 

Square Yards Real Estate is a unit of international real estate services providers and property consultants. They hold a range of the best developers from around 12 nations. Their acquisition holdings are valued at over $800 million, traversing their experience of 6 years in the real estate market.

Allsopp & Allsopp Real Estate 

Allsopp & Allsopp is a British-owned best real estate firm in the Dubai emirate. They hold experience of 12 years and have a proficient 81 brokers. They have a mandate to give all the needs of properties to their clients across the UAE.