Top 5 Reliable Portals To Hire ReactJS Developers


REACT is one of the most promising technologies in the software development arena right now that’s why most businesses often hire ReactJS developers to accomplish goals.

It is a powerful JavaScript library used to create front-end interfaces for mobile and web applications. Though it was originally developed for single-page web applications, The ease of use, flexibility, and scalability of React has made it very famous in the IT industry. According to 2021 statistics, ReactJS is the most widely used library by developers worldwide; more than 40% use it.

Now, are you wondering how React is in high demand? If yes, then let’s dive deeper to know more about ReactJS. Simultaneously, identify the top 5 reliable platforms to hire ReactJS developers.

ReactJS: A Leading Technology  

In order to access high-end services, businesses often require an efficient team of developers. As skilled and experienced programmers leverage advanced technologies like React to develop robust & high-performing applications. One of the most distinctive things about React is that it is quite simple to use and allows developers to quickly build complex apps. In the context of web development, mobile application development, or even a desktop app, ReactJS development offers more possibilities than any other programming language. In fact, it is revealed in a recent survey that React JS is one of the most popular and in-demand frameworks on the web.

Reasons To Opt For ReactJS

  • Open-source
  • Easy-to-learn & Use
  • Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatile & Robust
  • Reduced Page Load Time
  • Documentation And Support
  • Easy To Test Codes
  • Security

The world’s best and leading technology – REACT has been used by many companies. Check out the list below: –

List Giant Companies That Have Used React: –

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Uber

ReactJS Solution: High In Demand 

It is imperative for developers to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends to deliver better results. A technology that has recently gained popularity and attention is React JS. Among React JS’s best features is its fast, reusable, and flexible components. As a result, the number of open positions for the role of React JS Developer has increased by 184% in 2020, compared to the same period in 2019.

As for salary trends, React developers are making steady progress, with an average salary of $125,000 per year or $64.10 per hour in the USA. Entry-level jobs begin at $68,250, while most experienced developers make $183,500. The major reason behind the huge success of ReactJS in such a short time is that it requires minimal coding and still aims to deliver the best performance and solution.

Basic Skills Of ReactJS Developers

ReactJS developers must have the below-mentioned basic skills: –

  • Create user interfaces and enhance the user experience on the website.
  • For Android and iOS app development, knowledge of React Native, Redux, and React Lifecycle Methods.
  • For backend web development, knowledge of Node.js with React.
  • Usage of GitHub to collaborate on web app front-end development.
  • Understanding of data fetching from APIs in React.

Technical Skills Of ReactJS Developers

ReactJS developers must have the below-mentioned technical skills: –

  • Thorough knowledge of JavaScript is a must.
  • CSS, HTML, and CSS frameworks must be understood.
  • Understanding of JSX, the Virtual DOM, and the component life cycle.
  • Mastery of the Git Toolkit is required.
  • Aside from the above-mentioned skills, familiarity with WordPress, PHP, Magento, Opencart, MySQL, and Laravel is also necessary.

Top 5 Platforms To Hire React Developers

#1 BootesNull

#2 Upwork

#3 Fiverr

#4 People Per Hour

#5 LinkedIn

Brief Overview of Best Portals to Hire React Programmers

Have a deep understanding software developers hiring portals: –

BootesNull – A renowned web and mobile app development service provider based in Mohali, India. BootesNull is famous for providing the best software development solutions at a very pocket-friendly price. Moreover, the company renders services across the globe. Overall the organization possesses several years of industrial experience. It has helped BootesNull to gain popularity and establish an irreplaceable position in the market worldwide. In addition to a great reputation, the company has had many regular clients from the past several years. One of the major factors behind the success of the firm is its consistent dedication to catering to robust solutions in a limited time frame.

The entire team of programmers in the organization holds healthy experience and great technical skills along with expertise in every technology like ReactJS, React Native, Redux, etc. By far, the crew of BootesNull has helped a lot of big companies as well as small enterprises to discover excellent React solutions at very affordable prices. Consequently, the team has satisfied a good number of clients with their talent and skill-set along with timely delivery of the project.

Upwork – Next in the list of the best 5 platforms comes Upwork. It is also an amazing portal to hire skilled and experienced ReactJS developers. In fact, it is one of the world’s best work marketplaces that aims to connect businesses with independent talent. Moreover, anyone can access the portal as it caters to big brands as well as start-ups. Additionally, this is a completely safe and secure platform for hiring. Also, you don’t need to pay in advance to hire programmers as payment is done after the completion of the work.

Fiverr – On the number 3 position in the list of top 5 platforms to hire ReactJS coders comes Fiverr. It is basically an Israeli-based online portal for freelance services. Fiverr is a platform for talented and dedicated programmers to list their skills online to connect with businesses and obtain great profit. In case of any trouble whether to employees or employers, 24/7 support from the expert is always available.

People Per Hour – Now, the 4th position is for People Per Hour. It’s a UK-based organization and functions as an online portal for businesses to access freelance workers of various fields. PPH was established with a vision to connect clients with freelancers and empower them financially as well as with time and convenience. So far, this platform has solved a lot of business problems at very budget-friendly rates. Therefore, it is a great portal for freelance veterans who are planning to get started to build and sustain a career.

LinkedIn – Last but not least is LinkedIn. It is the world’s largest professional network. Approximately, 800 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide use LinkedIn to hire ReactJS or other software programmers. In fact, LinkedIn is a great platform to encounter talented people as well as potential employers for the long term. Moreover, the safety and security of the portal are also superb.

Why is BootesNull The Best Option?

There are several reasons that elaborate BootesNull is the best choice among all the above-mentioned options. You must be wondering how and why! Don’t stress, let’s explore the reasons together.

  • As an outsourcing company, BootesNull provides experienced ReactJS developers who fulfill project requirements efficiently. However, things are not similar with other mentioned portals because not every freelancer is not enough experienced or skilled enough to fulfill project needs accurately.
  • BootesNull does not charge any commission like hiring portals.
  • BootesNull provides developers at a fixed price, unlike other hiring platforms.
  • With the best outsourcing firm – BootesNull, you can check daily work reports to ensure great productivity along with desired work quality standards. When opting for hiring portals, not every experience is great as all the freelancers don’t possess healthy experience or skill-set.
  • BootesNull allows you to handpick the top ReactJS developers. On the other hand, one has to go through a tough and long hiring process still, the success of the project is not guaranteed.
  • BootesNull ensures work quality as well as precise delivery for the project. On the contrary, freelancers may not be able to deliver the project on time because they generally don’t possess enough expertise hence, they require more time to complete a certain task they aren’t prepared for.

Let’s Wrap Up

The demand to hire software developers these days is very high because it is essential to have a great online presence. However, it is a big challenge to find talented ReactJS developers who can meet deadlines and provide brilliant solutions. Although freelancers are abundant, it’s still difficult to discover whether they have the right qualifications or skill-set. In such scenarios, don’t forget to consider this article for the best support and assistance. We have jotted down the 5 most reliable portals to hire the best programmers of your own choice conveniently. Still, if you find it difficult to go through the entire hiring process, then always count on BootesNull as it is a recognized and renowned web development company.