Top 10 Stores to Order Custom Made Boxes with Logo


You’ve undoubtedly spent some time and money developing your brand as a small business. Yes, you can design a logo, but you can also develop other visual assets like fonts, color palettes, and other types of graphics.

All of these items were designed with your brand’s message, values, and product in mind. It’s pointless to have an incredibly well-designed product if the packaging doesn’t match what’s within.

Custom boxes with logo wholesale are to display such branding aspects. You’re displaying what’s on the inside of the box form follows function. Today we have made a list of 10 stores form where you can order custom made boxes with logos

East Hill Industries 

East Hill, which was founded in 2005, is a leading global provider of primary and secondary packaging for the beauty, personal care, and fragrance sectors. They deliver efficient and qualified service to their clients, with a focus on cost-effective and timely solutions.

They are professionals at value-added services and unique product design, in addition to providing high-quality cosmetic packaging materials to their clients. They will also make every effort to work within your schedule and budget.

Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging isn’t a wholesaler. They are not a producer. They aren’t a packaging firm, either. They are all of these things at the same time, instead. Its business concept is built upon making packaging simple for its clients.

They can locate, design, source, manufacture, ship, and store it, among other things. They provide a variety of packaging goods and services with the goal of streamlining supply chains and increasing earnings.

The Packaging Company 

The Packaging Company has been successful in supplying its clients with the correct packaging solutions that assure protection and boost the brand’s position in the market for over 50 years of combined manufacturing and design skills.

Even if you only have a concept, they can assist you in fleshing it out and bringing it to market. Their mission is to assist you in developing a product that is useful, inventive, and appealing to your customers. If you’re searching for a business partner rather than a one-stop shop, TPC is an excellent choice. 

Kaufman Container

Kaufman Container provide a wide range of wholesale cosmetic containers, jars, airless pumps, and other packaging components made exclusively for color cosmetics. From the glass or plastic container to the dispensing closure, such as a foaming pump or sprayer, they may assist with the complete package.

Additionally, they proudly provide silk-screen printing, hot stamping, spray coating, icing, shrink sleeve labelling, and pressure-sensitive labelling to cosmetic enterprises and start-ups. As you order more containers from Kaufman Container, the cost per container decreases. 

SKS Bottle and packaging

SKS Bottle and Packaging, founded in 1986, provides small businesses and Fortune 500 organizations with a comprehensive range of glass, plastic, and metal containers, as well as caps and closures.

In addition to their glass bottles, plastic bottles, jars, and tins, they sell packaging accessories and equipment including custom labels, shrink bands, heat guns, and packing machines, as well as package design and decoration services for organizations that need or want customized bottle fashioning. 

Vantage Box 

They say that good things come in little packages. Vantage Box believes that outstanding items come in the greatest bespoke boxes, whether they’re little cartons, large printed shipping boxes, or everything in between, at Vantage Boxes.

With a broad choice of designs, colors, materials, and sizes, they give you with the resources to design something unique on the outside while simultaneously thrilling your consumers about what’s within. Vantage Box is reliable for ordering custom boxes with logos wholesale for your business. The best part is that you can buy custom 

made boxes with logos easily form their online store. 


Cosmopak thinks that innovation allows a company to stand out from the crowd, whether it’s a variation on a standard container, a novel design, or a dispensing upgrade.

They collaborate closely with their partners to combine resources and ideas in order to create distinctive things at a reasonable price, because they recognize that in today’s market, cost of goods is critical to success. Furthermore, they aim to give quotations and samples within 48 hours. So go ahead and place your purchase! 


PakFactory is the go-to packaging site that not only offers unique packaging solutions, but also a fantastic comprehensive end-to-end service to make things simple for you.

Their staff includes of experienced structural designers and highly skilled, devoted packaging professionals who can provide you with whatever information and advice you want to create a packaging experience that your clients will remember. 

FH Packaging

FH Packaging offers a variety of skin care supplement packaging solutions, including oils, creams, perfumes, balms, lotions, foams, and more. The various jars and lids are likely to meet a wide range of stylistic and packaging requirements.

Their closures contain Child Resistant features that will keep your product secure and away from youngsters while it is displayed on shelves. FH Packaging is ISO certified, and we proudly manufacture BPA-free goods to assure customer safety.  

APC Packaging 

 APC has been creating high-quality packaging for worldwide cosmetics and skincare companies since 2006. APC considers a package to be more than just a container for a product. It should be a natural extension of the brand’s ideal consumer experience. APC Packaging’s inventions go through a process that includes material selection, design, convenience of usage, and cost-effectiveness.

The importance of the logo on the packaging cannot be overstated. It not only leaves a lasting impact on clients, but it also gives them the opportunity to learn more about your company. Custom boxes with logo wholesale packaging enhances a company’s value aesthetic while also attracting new consumers. Vintage Box has a good reputation in custom made boxes with logo. The company has been at the top of list for all sorts of bespoke business. So, visit their website now!

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