Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends | AI Trends in 2022


Artificial Intelligence in multiple industries and enterprises has ballooned owing to the remote work culture post-pandemic. 

IDC predicted in 2019 that overall spending on AI technologies will increase to $97.9 billion by 2023, adding more to AI’s already grown potential value. 

Artificial Intelligence – a hot plate or a hot mess? 

A survey published in 2020 suggests that more than half of organizations have adopted AI functions in their operations. This article talks about the latest trends of AI to build your understanding a bit clearer of the wonders of AI. 

Why do you need Artificial Intelligence? 

Businesses continue to automate their daily operations. 

AI has thus become increasingly essential, as businesses prefer to stay more digitally connected than ever before after the work-from-home model got traction. 

10 Artificial Intelligence Trends 

Let’s see how advancements in AI can affect digital transformation. 

Integrating AI is mainly to improve the efficiency of operations or their effectiveness. AI can also be leveraged to enhance stakeholders’ experience too. 

Let’s dive right into the wonders of AI and the Top 10 AI trends in 2022.

Amplified Cloud and AI Collaboration

AI is set to play a vital role in the broad adoption of cloud solutions. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, it will become possible to easily monitor and manage cloud resources and the massive available data.

AI Solutions for Information Technology 

AI solutions for IT are having a moment in 2022, with many set to release shortly to revolutionize the IT sector for good. AI solutions are expected to detect common IT problems independently and self-correct smaller malfunctions. 

AI solutions will minimize downtime and let teams in an organization work on higher complexity projects and put the focus elsewhere. 

AIOps Popularity 

With the ever-increasing complexity of IT systems – vendors now want platform solutions which combine multiple monitoring disciplines such as application, networking and infrastructure. 

With AI, IT operation teams can improve greatly – with key processes, decision making, AIOps task solutions and improved analysis of volumes of data coming it’s way. It is recommended to IT giants to fetch AIOps providers who can work to empower the cross-team collaboration via end-to-end digital experiences, correlation of data, and integration of IT operations tool-chains. 

AI for Data Structuring  

Get ready to see most of the unstructured data getting structures with natural language processing and machine learning processes. 

Businesses are gearing up to leverage these technologies and create data that can be used by RPA or robotic process automation for transactional activity in an organization. RPA is the fastest growing area in the software industry – however, it has limitations in terms of only being able to use structured data. 

With AI, such unstructured data can be easily converted to structured data – offering a definitive output. 

AI Talent 

When advancements in AI are at their peak – sourcing the talent for the adoption of AI might be difficult in the current status quo. 

There has always remained a persistent gap in AI talent, and businesses have finally realized AI’s potential. It is important to bridge the gap and nudge a larger group of people to learn AI to focus on learning strategies and technology. 

AI En masse Adoption in IT

There has been significant and continuous growth in the adoption of AI in the IT industry. 

Still, organizations use AI in production and begin using them on a large scale. With AI, an organization can achieve ROI in real-time. This essentially means that the businesses will see their efforts being paid off. 

Focusing on AI Ethics 

In 2022 organizations are set to deliver expertise on leveraging AI against the major global trends/issues and stimulate economic growth and innovation to ensure inclusion and diversity. 

Transparency of data and algorithm fairness are two issues that will become more important with the surge of AI. 

Augmented Processes

Data science and AI will become crucial in the bigger picture regarding automation and innovation in 2022. 

Data ecosystems are lean and scalable and offer data on time to heterogeneous sources. Yet, offering a foundation to adapt and nurture innovation is important. Companies will walk the extra mile in optimizing their augmented businesses and development processes. 

With AI, we can and must foster a data-driven culture to grow out of experimental stages towards a sustainable delivery model. 

Explainable Artificial Intelligence 

2022 will see a greater focus on explainability. As more data regulations surge, the trust put forward in AI will be pivotal. 


For articulating how each characteristic will add to the end prediction or the result of the ML model. 

Language and Voice Driven Intelligence 

For customer care centers, the surge in the remote working model has landed a massive opportunity to adopt ASR – automated speech recognition, or NLP capabilities. 

Only 5% at most customer contact are checked for quality – due to a lack of 1-on-1 coaching. Now with AI, businesses can complete routine checks on consumer intent and understanding to guarantee continued quality assurance. 

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