Tips to improve your firm’s social media posts


Computers and, in particular, the internet have completely transformed modern business unlike any other technology in history. However, while the web has undoubtedly changed how we expect to interact with firms, one type of platform has also come to revolutionize the way companies engage with us as consumers – namely, social media. 

Social media in the marketing mix and how to craft the perfect post

Posting on social media sites can project your company in ways never before possible to make a positive impact on your customers – but just how do you craft the perfect post that is most likely to engage your followers? Read on for some tried-and-tested tips employed by the most successful social media marketers. 

Remember, Content Is King

In January, 1996, Bill Gates penned a hugely influential essay entitled Content is King. While the paper may already be over 25 years old, the message it projects stands as true today as ever. There are now more web pages in the world than people, and creating content across online media that stands out and grabs attention is vital if your voice is to be heard. 

Resist the temptation to post wordy, overly detailed texts and rather focus on the most salient points that have the greatest impact. People these days simply don’t have the time or patience to read long posts, so instead try to think of a hook that’s likely to grab their interest and direct them to your longer content (probably on your website).

The content should be short and engaging. You can use voice to text tools to write an impressive piece of content or to convert a podcast into a catchy content.

Use social media marketing software

If you’re not familiar with the term, you may be asking just what is social media marketing software? In essence, social marketing software allows content creators to schedule the time of their posts, then study their effectiveness in depth. 

Considerable research proves the time of posting on social sites can have a massive influence on the size of audience it will engage – plus the likelihood of user clicks. By posting at the right time, you’re far more likely to achieve success and generate more likes, feedback and click-throughs. 

Social media marketing software also provides other benefits, including allowing your marketing team to share and store its promotional texts and other materials, plus amalgamating the results from your chosen social platforms in one easy-to-use system. The software can also accurately gauge social media user opinions and emotions to generate an at-a-glance summary of the effectiveness of your posts. 

An interesting photo is worth 1,000 words – at least

In line with the above, keep your text short and instead try to use interesting and engaging photos. Today’s social-media-savvy audiences are much more likely to click through to content from an image than they are from lengthy prose.

Post client testimonials

Through the internet, we’ve all become considerably shrewder when it comes to advertising and marketing and customers are far more likely to believe real-world client testimonials and comments than they are to listen to your marketing blurb. 

If you want the best impact consider posting client feedback on your page. Testimonials are always considered more impartial than company-generated, promotional text.