Three Keys to Successful Homework Assignments During Remote Learning


Online learning has emerged as a key trend that allows students to proceed with the curriculum at their own pace and grants a sense of recognition in regards to self-reliance and work-life balance. It is imperative not to cease the learning procedure at any point in time in a student’s life and most importantly when the situation calls for a stand in the schooling routine. Online remote learning refers to a method of imparting knowledge where both the tutor and the student are not physically present but connect via online meets to fulfill the education regime. It is a way of substituting the traditional classroom atmosphere with a convenient online experience that is accessible by a desktop. 

Remote learning requires constant accountability of the student’s progress and performance since trying to ensure that everyone is on the same page needs salient assessments and homework. These obligations are brought into effect via online means/platforms where the teacher and the student can effectively communicate with each other, clear doubts, initiate a discussion with their peers, and feasibly access distant learning. It is also beneficial on a student’s part as he/she doesn’t have to incur the commuting expenses and misspend the time in the journey itself.

Off-screen Reading

If you talk about the success of remote learning, it includes various assessments that need to be thoroughly completed and is particularly designed as per the education curriculum. Off-screen reading is a method to re-attempt the topics that were duly taught via online classes and run through them in an off-screen. This task comes in handy when the reading part is completed online and to ensure a thorough understanding, the students are asked to apply it over off-screen channels.

Personalized Homework

Personalized homework or learning refers to individualized assessments that help you get clarity on your doubts and are considered to address students’ concerns one by one. Homework is intended to provide a revision of the topics studied and ensuring that it is thoroughly understood by the student, whereas personalized homework functions as an extension of that; is often termed as student-centered teaching. It is constructed based on the potential of a particular student, given that he has understood the topic well and has streamlined his interests and learning needs beforehand. 

To personalized homework assessment, its several components should be given the utmost importance, such as:

  • Intention: The purpose of the homework defines the need to program it for individual learning, the purpose could be self-practice, revision sessions, etc.
  • Significance: Since every student is on their own while attempting this personalized homework, it should be ensured that the questions/concerns are elaborative and have clarity in understanding, otherwise the completion of the homework would be troublesome.

  • Time Frame: It is necessary to build a defined specific time frame for its completion so the students are under the impression of an obligation to submit the homework. 

Flipped Homework

Flipped homework or flipped classroom sessions refer to the situations where the students are rather asked to come prepared with lively discussions about the topics their tutors give them for a read. These topics can be in the form of reading or short videos, on which the students have to carry out an effective review and initiate interactive group activities, etc.
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