Things to Consider While Hiring React Developers For Your Project


Java is one of the most popular platforms to design websites of all sizes. Almost 98% of websites on the internet use JavaScript. These staggering numbers themselves suggest the immense popularity of Java. However, React is rapidly becoming the eye-candy of multiple Businesses for website development amongst the JavaScript family. 

But while platforms are critical for building powerful websites, one more critical factor decides whether your website will be successful or a failure. It’s the developer! If you have an excellent website idea but can’t find a competent developer, your project is worthless. As the demand for React Native developers is rising, the bars are set high.

The question is, how can you discover an experienced and qualified React Native developer for your website?

Here we are, with a list of things you should consider before you hire react Native experts. So without wasting too much time, let’s dive straight on.

10 things to consider before you hire React Native developers

  • Proficiency in Javascript

Javascript is the mother of all the Native libraries. The same goes with React JS, as its functions are based on Javascript. Therefore, if your developer is proficient in JS, it becomes easy to build highly engaging & intuitive UIs, resulting in powerful apps.

So before you hire react native experts, make sure he/she is proficient in JavaScript ES6.

  • Ability to write Clean Code

Codes are the base of your mobile application. Its performance & efficiency depend on how well-written your codes are. So the ability to write clean & easily readable code is a prerequisite for hiring a ReactJS developer.

Your coder should know what categories of codes are right for your app & what is not. Any mistake in writing codes can prove a financial & business disaster. So before you hire a React JS developer for your mobile app development project, make sure you perform thorough testing.

  • Clear concepts of React Native

If your developer is proficient in React Native, you can rest assured about your mobile app development. As JSX, Virtual DOM & component lifecycles are the core of React Native. Once you are sure about their knowledge of React Native, ensure they better understand the state of React Component & Customization.

If you hire such a developer, you save a lot of time & resources on training them. 

  • Experience with iOS & Android

This is where it gets a bit complicated. As React Native offers you a unique opportunity to build apps for both Android & iOS using the same codebase, it’s a great choice. But to ensure perfect results, you need to hire someone good at both iOS & Android.

When you hire a person with experience of both platforms, they have an analytical mindset. This mindset comes in handy while solving multiple issues related to development. So anyone with some experience of Native Frameworks is a good choice.

  • Familiarity with relevant tools and technologies

Businesses often overlook this skill while hiring a Mobile-app developer. But this is a mistake. When you hire someone who knows relevant tools, they can build you a highly scalable & powerful app.

Familiarity with tools like Gulp, Enzyme & Bower comes in handy during performance testing. This can drastically reduce the time required to develop an application. However, this knowledge comes only with experience as you need someone who has hands-on experience with these tools instead of someone with theoretical knowledge.

  • Ability to optimize App-performance

This is the part where entry-level developers stumble & get distracted. Performance optimization demands a lot of experience. Any novice developer might negatively impact the optimization as they lack sufficient experience or knowledge to do so.

We agree that no developer will intentionally destabilize the app’s performance; why take any chances? So its always better to hire someone with experience. Such an experienced developer will know exactly how to reduce the load time, improve interactivity & boost the performance of your app.

  • Comfortable working with third-party APIs & tools

React Native allows the integration of third-party APIs & tools with its features. This is the reason why developers love React native. The external APIs & tools make your application more efficient & powerful. But to leverage the advantage of this feature, you need to have a developer that excels in Third-party integration.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The third-party APIs need to be monitored constantly for updates. There is also the dependency issue that makes working on third-party integration tough. That’s why you need to find a React JS developer with exceptional skills with Third-party tools.

  • Application debugging and testing

Mobile apps are notorious for stumbling upon a lot of glitches. So your team must perform regular debugging & testing of your mobile app. It would be best if you had an experienced React Native developer who could run multiple testings on your app & debug it periodically. Having hands-on experience with testing tools like Flow, Prop Or Jest will be an added benefit.

Your application is the mirror image of your Business. So if it faces any glitch or error, it instantly impacts your Business’ credibility. So make sure you hire a well-versed developer in performing logging, performance testing & security testing.

  • Native features for an app

The ultimate success of your Mobile app depends on delivering a memorable user experience to your users. You can achieve this by offering a tailored & immersive mobile-app experience that keeps your users engaged.

To deliver such a tailored experience, your developer will have to work with different hardware & software features. But this process might prove overwhelming to someone new to the job. In short, you need an experienced React Native developer with a proven track record.

  • Adaptability & Dedication

This is not something you can measure via some test. And similarly, it’s not something that defines a developer’s proficiency & effectiveness. But it’s always good to have someone on your team who is willing to go above & beyond their responsibilities.

As the digital world is constantly growing, you need to hire someone who can adapt to the changing technology & is dedicated to delivering you the best results.

Are you wondering how you can judge whether your potential react native developers have these traits? It’s simple, check out their area of interest, their hobbies & their passion. This will give you a great insight into their thinking & willingness.

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Being reasonable, we can say confidently that there is no ideal React Native developer. Some developers might have a better experience, while some have superior platform knowledge.

You cannot have every trait mentioned above in a single individual. So what you can do is hire a developer with maximum traits from the ones listed. The other option is to outsource your project to agencies like us, a leading Mobile App Development Company in the USA, who have in-house React Native developer teams to manage complex app-development projects.